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Companies participating in the 2014 EASA Exhibition

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A.A. Rotating Apparatus

Aurora Motors is a leading global supplier of premium Vertical Hollowshaft Motors for OEMS, Electric motor distributors, well drillers, and municipalities. Our engineering staff is comprised of the most respected and recognized Vertical motor designers in the world.

Booth: 626 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Acutran Transformers

Acutran is a manufacturer of custom Dry Type Transformers, Reactors, Inductors and Auto Start Transformers.

Booth: 106 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Add Sales, LLC

Visit Add Sales for all your promotional product needs, including calendars, screwdrivers, mugs, shirts and pens.

Booth: 1426 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Advanced Coil Technologies

We are in El Paso, Texas.  We manufacture coils such as: Stator Coils 6900 Volts and below, D.C. Armature Coils, Field Coils and Specialty Coils.

Booth: 208 | Category: Coils |

An Active member of EASA

Advanced Rotors, Inc.

Repair and manufacture rotors, stators, amatures, wound rotors, pole pieces and supply loose laminations. Now offering re-coating original laminations with C5 Core plate insulation.

Booth: 1833 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Active member of EASA

Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.

Licensed sintered NdFeB magnet maker. Top 3 in China. 40UH, 45SH, 48H grade magnet can be supplied at mass production. Total capacity 3300 tons.

Booth: 120 | Category: Materials |

AEMC Instruments

AEMC Instruments manufactures electrical test and measurement instruments. Products include ground resistance and insulation testers, power quality meters and loggers and current measurement probes.

Booth: 123 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

American MTS

OvenDAQ  - A new product from American MTS. Meets the new EASA accreditation requirement for monitoring burn-out and bake-off ovens. The Windows based touchscreen unit automatically writes data and creates a report to a job folder in ACS Master and Springpoint.

Booth: 1738 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Active member of EASA

Anhui Wannan Electric Machine Co., Ltd.

We will exhibit stainless steel motors up to 30HP, cast iron motors up to 500HP, and VHS motors up to 500HP.

Booth: 1912 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls

Apex Sealing, Inc.

Apex Sealing will be displaying its full line of mechanical seals for all types of pumps. Apex also provides cartridge seals, metric seals, seals for submersible pumps, mechanical packing and seal refurbishment of all types of mechanical seals.

Booth: 107 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

ARCO Electric Products

ARCO Electric Products will be displaying three products: the Rota-Phase three phase converters, low voltage Power Factor Correction Capicitors, and custom busher components.

Booth: 715 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong offers a complete line of Pumps, Circulators and Repair Parts for the HVAC industry including vertical in-ine, base-mounted, column and booster pumps.

Booth: 1504 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co.

We are manufacturers/distributors of mica based insulation in sheets and fabricated parts. We also offer ceramics along with other non-mica finished parts and standoffs.

Booth: 1616 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Avtron Encoders

Avtron Encoders will feature severe duty absolute encoders and hazardous duty UL approved encoders. Direct replacement duty models with no motor modifications!

Booth: 1126 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Bad Dog Tools

We've been making specialty and multi-purpose tools for a quarter of a century. Visit our booth and discover how our unique and patented tools can help you make every job a job well done.

Booth: 1717 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Baldor Electric Co.

Our customers have spoken and we have listened! Come by booth #1006 and learn about the new Large AC motor line from Baldor!

Booth: 1006 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Bartlett Bearing Co., Inc.

Practical solutions that prevents damage to bearings caused by shaft currents associated with VFD's on vertical pump motors.

Booth: 826 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

Bayco by Guspro, Inc.

Guspro, Inc. is the manufacturer of "Bayco" burn-off/heat cleaning ovens and armature cleaning ovens.

Booth: 1405 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Berliss Bearing Co.

Berliss Bearing Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality EMQ Bearings as well as low cost drop-in replacement single-spring mechanical seals.

Booth: 1820 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Bo-Witt Products, Inc.

Bo-Witt combines electrical insulating needs with mechanical strength requirements. We provide a wide array of standard and custom insulator products for the Electrical Industry.

Booth: 1526 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Bomatec International Corp.

Permanent magnets (NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo, Ferrite) and soft magnets (Nanocrystalline and amorphous tape wound cores for transformers and inductors)

Booth: 132 | Category: Materials |

Brook Crompton-Americas

Brook Crompton is the single source for your electric motor requirements: PE III premium NEMA and IEC frames, export requirements IE2 and IE3 metric, ATEX EExd and EEx na IEC hazardous area, lightweight aluminum and severe-duty cast iron.

Booth: 504 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Coetz Technologies USA, Inc.

Static and dynamic balancing machines.

Booth: 200 | Category: Service Center Equipment |


Mica insulation tapes for: Conductor Insulation; VPI, and Resin Rich insulation systems for High Voltage motors and generators. Traction motors tapes and mica sheets materials.

Booth: 1909 | Category: Materials |

Coil Manufacturing, Inc.

CMI manufactures a complete line of form-wound AC and DC coils for the electrical repair industry.

Booth: 1026 | Category: Coils |

An Associate member of EASA

Condumex, Inc.

No product description provided.

Booth: 1914 |

Connex Industrial Corp.

Reliable industrial motors under NEMA and IEC standards with stainless steel, cast iron and rolled steel frames, three phase and single phase, AC/DC power.

Booth: 1639 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Continental Electric Motor

No product description provided.

Booth: 1916

An Active member of EASA

Copper Development Assn., Inc.

CDA is a US-based, not-for-profit association of the global copper industry, influencing the use of copper and copper alloys through research, development and education, as well as technical and end-user support.

Booth: 1714 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Craig Wire Products, LLC

Craig Wire Products is a magnet wire company with the ability to ship 250-pound orders in three days or begin shipment of larger orders in three days.

Booth: 1727 | Category: Materials |

CWT Industries

CWT has the design know how, experience and facilities to custom build balancing machines to meet your needs. If it rotates we can balance it.

Booth: 1429 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Dalian Casting International Trade Co., Ltd.

Motor frames end shields. All types of grey iron and ductile iron. 10kg-30,000kg. Manufacturing Process: Resin sand casting, Lost foam casting.

Booth: 1420 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Darby Electric Co.

Quality rotor rebuilding and stator restacking. ISO9001:2008 and EASA-Q, Level 1, registered quality system.

Booth: 1427 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Active member of EASA


Delfingen makes wire protection products at 18 palnts world wide including extruded, convolute and smooth tubings. We will feature our textile based electrical insulation sleevings, including expandable.

Booth: 616 | Category: Materials |

Dings Co., Dynamics Group

AC powered DIRECT-ACTING SPRING SET brakes that are used around the world. Stops and hold loads for applications using a 1/4hp to 125hp. Brake enclosures for many uses, including hazardous location explosion proof.

Booth: 717 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA

Dykman Electrical

Medium and Low Voltage Motors and Controls: Siemens, Toshiba, TECO-Westinghouse, US Electric, General Electric, Marathon, Yaskawa, Benshaw, Fuji, Sterling, TCI, Arteche,. Gearing: Flender, Sumitomo, SEW-Eurodrive, Nord, Grove.

Booth: 222 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Active member of EASA


Dynamatic (formerly Eaton Dynamatic) manufactures Eddy Current drives, brakes, and controls. We are your EASA partner for parts and replacement units for all makes and models of Eddy Current adjustable speed products.

Booth: 1605 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Dynamics Research Corp.

Computerized dynamic balancing machines, portable vibration analyzers, and dynamic balancing instruments.

Booth: 721 | Category: Service Center Equipment |


Dynamis will be exhibiting Z-Tec ceramnic filled epoxy repair systems, Steel-Tec steel-filled epoxy repair systems, as well as Pour -Flex and EPO Dynaweight balancing compounds.

Booth: 1706 | Category: Materials |

Dyne Systems, Inc.

New Midwest and Dynamatic Eddy Current Dynamometers (5-3,000 Hp), AC & AC Dynamometers (to 2,200 Hp), remanufacturing of dynamometers (Midwest, Dynamatic and GE). Digital Dynamometer controls and test cell automation.

Booth: 1608 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

EASA Products and Services

Be sure to stop by and meet EASA staff and volunteer committee members; see demonstrations of the newly developed AC Motor Verification and Redesign Program & Motor Database as well as the interactive training program, How to Wind Three-Phase Stators; peruse EASA’s large variety of reference training materials along with promotional, management and sales training resources – including those online.

Booth: 1633 | Category: Miscellaneous |

EIS, Inc.

We plan on showing the following: AIMS Bearing Box, WM4500 Winder, Welding, Brazing, Soldering machine, Motor Analyzer, VMX-S Series Configured Soft Starter, Micro-Ohmmeters & Megohmmeters, and many other Motor Repair materials and equipment.

Booth: 313 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA


ELANTAS PDG, Inc. (formerly the P.D. George Co.) is the global leader in liquid electrical insulation products, including magnet wire enamel, insulating resins, potting compounds, conformal coatings and a wide range of specialty resin systems and adhesives. ISO 9001, TS 16949.

Booth: 821 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Eldec Induction, LLC

eldec Induction LLC develops, produces and intergrates cost effective energy efficient solutions for a variety of industrial and energy applications, including brazing, soldering and shrinking.

Booth: 1809 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Electric Coil Service, Inc.

Stop by to see our line of stator coils, DC armature coils, field and interpole coils. And our hermetic, sealed, and water-immersion AC coils.

Booth: 920 | Category: Coils |

An Associate member of EASA

Electric Motor Technologies

Electric Motor Technologies (EMT) is the premier Servo Motor repair facility in the Midwest. Offering complete turn-key Servo motor repair. We repair all major brands in our climate controlled facility.

Booth: 1919 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Active member of EASA

Electro-Mec Products, Inc.

Electro-Mec Products distributes low-voltage controls, contactors, relays, MCCB, MMS, ACB, AC Drives, HMI, PLC, and pump control panels and parts.

Booth: 329 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Electrom Instruments

Motor Testers and Winding Analyzers from basic models to fully automatic testers. Includes testers with Production Line Automation capabilities for coils and motors.

Booth: 527 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Active member of EASA

Elektrim Motors

European engineered AC NEMA and metric IEC motors up to 6300 HP, inlcuding Premium Efficiency, Severe Duty, Single Phase, 56C, Washdown, Medium and High Voltage motors.

Booth: 121 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA


No product description provided.

Booth: 1033 |

An Associate member of EASA

EMTorq, Div. of Torque Technologies

Direct-acting motor brakes: IEC/metric, NEMA, marine duty, flameproof up to 2500Nm (1844 Lb ft). Heavy duty spring-engaged caliper brakes up to 20,000Nm (14,750 lb ft).

Booth: 115 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Essex Brownell

Essex Brownell will have live, in-booth demonstrations of static and dynamic test equipment, winding machines, hand-held testers, quality magnet wire and more.

Booth: 807 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Fibertek, Inc.

Manufacturers of RES-I-GLAS glass banding tape and COIL-BAND tranformer tensile tapes, RES-I-BAND shrinkable banding film, RES-I-FLEX armor tape, RES-I-STRAINT tadpole edge tape, Surge ring rope, and flexible DMD laminates and Wedges, FYTON Aramid laminates 200 degree plus temperature.

Booth: 1122 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Flex-A-Seal, Inc.

A full line of mechanical seals, from simple to special, along with sales and engineering literature about our high quality products. Made in the USA!

Booth: 1501 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

Flow Pump & Machine, Inc.

Flow Pump is showcasing its line of aftermarket pump rebuild kits and parts for the Aurora, Bell & Gossett, Paco and Taco split case pumps.

Booth: 1416 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

An Active member of EASA

Fluke Corp.

Handheld professional test equipment to accurately measure temperature through thermal imaging, current and voltage with remote display products and electrical test tools.

Booth: 1443 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Focused Solutions, LLC

Focused Solutions is your one stop partner that distributes end-to-end solutions for the electrical insulation marketplace. We have Insulation Products, High Temp Sleevings, Silicone Tapes, Lacing Tapes and Cords, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Adhesives, Brazing Alloys and Industrial Processing Goods.

Booth: 118 | Category: Materials |

Force Control Industries, Inc.

Motor Brakes, Coupler Brakes, Oil Shear Technology. 10X design life, designed for tough environments. No ordinary Electric Brake. Retrofits for Stearns, Dings, Nexan and Warner.

Booth: 1517 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |


Bearing Isolator which prevents contamination ingress, lubrication egress, and even grounding of stray shaft current to help extend the life of electric motors and pumps

Booth: 1609 | Category: Bearings |

GE Energy

GE will display the Quantum LMV, the X$D Ultra IEC 841, the Vertical Hollow Shaft, AEGIS Shaft Ring and a DC Kinamatic Motor.

Booth: 820 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Gen Mot Coils

Resin rich and VPI stator coils, roebel bars, DC armature coils - traction and industrial, rotor coils, field pole coils - traction and industrial.

Booth: 1642 | Category: Coils |

An Active member of EASA

GlobalTech Motor & Controls

New inverter duty AC motors 800-2000+ hp. Remanufactured DC motors 1000-3000hp. Cooling blowers Parts, and Accessories.

Booth: 1929 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Active member of EASA

H2O Weld, LLC

Oxy-hydrogen brazing machine: connections up to 3500 sqmm. Cleaning slots, removing enamel, bearings, commutator winding, installing alips rings, couplings, pulleys, gears. Economic, Safe, Autonomous, Ecologic. NEW: centralized gas systems, Heavy Duty machines, fully accessorized brazing stations.

Booth: 126 | Category: Service Center Equipment |


For over 50 years, HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has supplied the most comprehensive electric motor testing equipment on the market, from large motor test systems to portable hipots.

Booth: 627 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA

Hanzhong Wanmu Instrument & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

We will be displaynig mini geaer motors and mini gear boxes.

Booth: 124 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.

For 85 years, Helwig has provided the latest in Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Constant Force Springs, Bearing Protection and Carbon Vanes, along with popular Commutator Tools, Stones and Garnet Paper.

Booth: 814 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

HICO America Sales & Technology, Inc.

We offer induction motors from low to high voltage satisfying NEMA and IEC standards. Also, explosion proof motors, high-efficiency motors and PM motors are available.

Booth: 733 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

High Voltage, Inc.

High Voltage test equipment for motors, generators, cables, etc. DC Hipots, AC Dielectric Testers. Very Low Frequency (VLF) AC Hipots, TD/PF/PD.

Booth: 1300 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hitachi inverters feature a variety of new and enhanced functions, delivering unpresedented performance, simplicity, reliability and flexibility. Hitachi inverters area a cost-effective global solution.

Booth: 1816 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Houghton International

Houghton International are specialist high voltage coil manufacturers. Operating globally, our comprehensive range includes HiFLEX an innovative, fully cured, totally flexible insulation system.

Booth: 1621 | Category: Coils |

An Active member of EASA

Hydro Technology, LLC

Replacement after-market circulator parts. In addition to maintenance free bearing assemblies, HT will now offer single phase resilient mounted motors and spring couplers.

Booth: 1813 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

ICC International

Commutators & slip rings for large industrial applications including mining, metals, paper, etc. Specialists in emergency turnaround & technical consultation. Ask us about Compression Seasoning (sm) & pre-undercutting.

Booth: 1020 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Industrial Engineering & Machine Corp.

In our 34th year of exhibiting at EASA, Dyna-Bal will exhibit our D-5HD (1000 lb) balancing machine along with the latest Windows balancing software.

Booth: 617 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA

Industrial Gold

Industrial Gold manufacturers air compressors from 1-100 hp. We produce both reciprocating as well as rotary screw air compressors. Our units are built with electric motors, gas & diesel engines and hydraulic drives.

Booth: 1908 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Industrial Pulley Puller, Inc.

Portable hydraulic pullers that can be safely and efficiently utilized by one person to pull frozen gears, bearings and couplings from shafts.

Booth: 206 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Earth Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.

Main product: NdFeB strip casting alloy and sintering NdFeB magnets. Production capacity: 15,000T NdFeB strip casting alloy and 5,000T sintering NdFeB magnets.

Booth: 1442 | Category: Materials |

Inpro/Seal Co.

Inpro/Seal is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom engineered system and bearing protection. Our unique products increase reliability and decrease costs.

Booth: 827 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group is a premier manufacturer of pressure sensitive electrical insulating tapes, industrial and packaging tapes. IPG deliviers the best for less.

Booth: 122 | Category: Materials |


View the latest from IRD Balancing including demonstrations of the Model 295 Balancing instrument and NEW LEXSECO MP 7 Core Loss Tester Software.

Booth: 921 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Iris Power-Qualitrol

Determine the condition of stator and rotor windings with our on-line and offline test equipment as well as our endwinding vibration monitoring.

Booth: 201 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Isovolta, Inc.

Isovolta Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of VPI, resin rich film faced mica tapes; as well as flexible laminates such as DMD, NMN and B-stage substrates.

Booth: 429 | Category: Materials |

Italvibras USA, Inc.

Since 1959, Intalvibras exclusively produced vibrations for a wide range of industrial applications.

Booth: 1815 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Jasper Electric Motors, Inc.

Rotor rebuilding, stator core replacing, loose lamination sales, load testing services and VPI services.

Booth: 720 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Active member of EASA

Jenkins Electric Co.

Jenkins Elecric Company provides industrila equipment parts and services. Custom cooling fans, motor test systems and motor starters.

Booth: 829 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Active member of EASA

JL Mag Rare-Earth Co., Ltd

The products from JL Mag are widely used in renewable energy, EV/HEV Automobiles, inverter air conditioners. IT industry, energy-saving elevators, petrochemical and medical appliaces, etc.

Booth: 1502 | Category: Miscellaneous |


We are the leading export oriented motor factory in China. Planning to build China's largest production base of high-efficiency, energy-saving motores and the largest export base of motors.

Booth: 1422 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

JRI Industries, Inc.

Cabinet style parts washer with rotating, gear driven turntable; 42" diameter turntable, 55" usable working height inside cabinet and 1500lb. weight capacity.

Booth: 1716 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

KB Electonics, Inc.

KB Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer of AC and DC motor drives from fractional through 5 Hp, offers easy to install and simple to operate drives. Our expanded line of Hybrid AC drives features digital programming with an analog interface and does not require programming or commissioning.

Booth: 1632 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |


Kencoil, Inc., manufacturer of AC and DC electric motor coils for both OEM and aftermarket users, will demonstrate their automated "Flat Coil Technology" in operation since August 2005, designed specifically for medium-voltage AC stator coils.

Booth: 320 | Category: Coils |

An Active member of EASA

Kienle + Spiess United Kingdom

The Kienle+Spiess Group is an international innovation leader in the stamping and die-casting technology sector and a market leader in Europe. We offer a unique product portfolio for creating efficient, energy saving electric motors and generators.

Booth: 1922 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

KNIGHT Manufacturing, Inc.

KNIGHT Sleeves - cast iron sleeves for reparing worn bearing housing/end-bells on electric motors.

Booth: 101 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Koyo Bearings

Koyo produces world-class bearings and accessories for all of your electric motor repair needs including: hybrid-ceramic bearings, light contact sealed bearings, angular contact ball bearings and maintenance tools.

Booth: 927 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

Laser Laminations, Inc.

Custom fit core laminations for rotors, stators, armatures, poles and transformers. Air vents and press plates. Also, new stator cores and pole pieces.

Booth: 1513 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Laser Technologies, Inc.

Manufacture laminations, vent plates, end plates, and pole assemblies. Services include laser cutting, notching, stamping, machining, fabrication, welding and assembly. Core plate coating also available.

Booth: 1034 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Linhai Zhefu Electric

Standard NEMA and IEC motors, customized motors and special motors, such as vibration motors, etc. Hydro-power generators up to 400 MVA.

Booth: 1827 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Ludeca, Inc.

Ludeca, Inc., leading provider for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance solutions inlcuding: laser/shaft alignment, vibration analysis and balancing equipment, as well as related software and training.

Booth: 727 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

Maintenance Technology

No product description provided.

Booth: 130 |


Celebrating our 68th year as a leading manufacturer of components, motors and electrical & accessory products. MARS offers the largest number of run capacitor ratings in the industry.

Booth: 1712 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Martindale Electric Co.

Electric motor maintenance and repair products including: Mica Undercutters, Commutator Grinders, Hand Tools and Electrical Equipment. Diamond D Abrasives: Commstones, Brush Seaters, Rubber Bond Cleaning Stones, Diamond Spatulas.

Booth: 405 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Mauldin Products

Maudlin Products offers slotted shims, shim stock, and SS Tool Wrap. We also have a full custom job shop for all your CUSTOM SHIM needs.

Booth: 1430 | Category: Miscellaneous |

MDA Controls, Inc.

Featuring our unique line of explosionproof brake modules for quick installation onto any NEMA or Metric flange motor as well the latest in AC and DC technology.

Booth: 1812 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA


Megger, one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications.

Booth: 723 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Midpoint Bearing

Distributors of bearings and power transmission products. Bearings and more for the following industries: Electric Motor Repair, Wind, Steel, Refining, Port Equipment and more.

Booth: 1527 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

Midwest Service Center

MSC Electrical division supports Motor & Generator Inspection, Testing, Evaluation and Repair (DC repair thru 5,000HP / AC repair thru 40,000HP). Field services can support onsite acitivities.

Booth: 1202 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Active member of EASA

Mitchell Electronics, Inc.

Manufacturers of servo motor & feedback testers. TI-5000EX for testing and aligning feedbacks including incremental and serial encoders and resolvers. TI-3000 Run Test System for test running a wide variety of servo motors.

Booth: 928 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures world class carbon brushes, brush holders and springs. We design engineered solutions for improved motor performance.

Booth: 1204 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

MTE Corp.

MTE designs and manufactures power quality solutions used to protect equipment from power surges, bring harmonics into compliance, and improve the efficiency of variable speed motor drives.

Booth: 1604 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Nachi America, Inc.

The more you learn about Nachi bearings, the more likely you are to see their value. Nachi uses its full integration in the manufacturing of its bearings to the highest industry standards.

Booth: 1412 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

National Electric Coil

Leading independent fabricator, windings for high-voltage generators and large motors. Engineering design services. ISO9001 certified manufacturing systems for turbogenerator rotor coils, stator coils, roebel bars.

Booth: 1542 | Category: Coils |

North American Electric, Inc.

North American Electric, Inc. will be display general purpose and special purpose AC electric motors, motor controls and shaft mounted reducers.

Booth: 932, 933 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

NTN Bearing Corp. of America

NTN Manufactures one of the broadest lines of ball and roller breaings available and is one of the most trusted brand names in the market.

Booth: 1401 | Category: Bearings |

Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Oriental Motor USA Corp. is a manufacturer of motion control systems, including stepper motors, servo motors, AC motors and gear motors, brushless motors, linear and rotary actuators and AC/DC cooling products.

Booth: 1917 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Packard, Inc.

Master distributor of electric motors, capacitors, fan blades, pump seals and additional HVAC electrical products.

Booth: 614 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

PdMA Corp.

MCE, EMax and MCEMax powered by MCEGold. We also offer MTAP2 and MTAP3.

Booth: 1723 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA

PEER Bearing Co.

PEER Bearing manufactures a wide size range of high quality, reliable deep groove ball and roller bearing solutions for the global electrical market.

Booth: 1515 | Category: Bearings |

An Associate member of EASA

Penn Coil

Penn Coil is a manufacturer of high-voltage coils, up to 15Kv, as well as rotor, armature, field coils and brake, magnet and specialty coils.

Booth: 1436 | Category: Coils |

An Active member of EASA

Pintsch Bubenzer USA

Pintsch Bubenzer is a global leader in the supply of industrial brakes, braking systems and brake components for a variety of material handling applications. Our product line includes air, hydraulic and thruster actuated Disc, Drum and Band brakes as well as Storm and Motor Mounted brakes.

Booth: 1538 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Pollution Control Products Co.

Celebrating their 40th year, Pollution Control burn-out ovens are pollution-free and easy to operate. They safely and efficiently remove paint, varnish, insulation and epoxy from stators, transformers and end bells.

Booth: 714 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Port City, Inc.

Premier custom fabricator of electrical insulating components for any electrical apparatus. We specialize in delivering top quality products quickly to any OEM field service group or remanufacturing company.

Booth: 1027 | Category: Miscellaneous

An Associate member of EASA

Power Tech Electric Motors, LLC

Power Tech Electric Motors LLC manufactures high quality NEMA Standard 3 phase & 1 phase electric motors. We will display the key product lines for industrial customers & electric motor distributors. See products that fit all your electric needs. Customized service is always available.

Booth: 1615 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Precision Electric Coil and Rotor

DC Armature and filed coils, medium voltage coils for AC motors and generators, stator and rotor service, rewind and high voltage coils.

Booth: 1505 | Category: Coils |

An Associate member of EASA

Pumps & Systems Magazine

The leading monthly North American trade publication for pump users worldwide for 20 years delivering to over 40,000 BPA-qualified engineers, operators and maintenance professionals

Booth: 110 | Category: Pump/Related Equipment |

Ranbar Electrical Materials, Inc.

Ranbar specializes in the manufacture and supply of high-quality varnishes, resins, compounds and insulating products that are designed for the electrical industries worldwide.

Booth: 1201 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Reuland Electric

Custom highly engineered special purpose Motors through 448 frame, Brakes, Lamination, Couplings and Adapters, Foundry products and Specialty Machining.

Booth: 1921 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

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Rogers Equipment Sales, Inc.

New, New Surplus, Rebuilt and Used eletric motors in stock to over 10,000HP.

Booth: 1120 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

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Ruby Mica Co., Ltd.

Uncalcined Mica Paper, Rigid/Flexible Mica Sheets, Cable Mica Tape, Mica Tube/Customised Machined Parts, Resin Rich/Resin Poor System Mica Tapes, Mica Splitting Based Sheets/Tapes/V-Rings, PGMP/GMP Tapes, Kapton/Nomex Based Mica Products.  

Booth: 1838 | Category: Materials |

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Samatic Winding Co./Div. Jenlor Ltd.

Unveiling the New 2014 Line TOUCH-And-GO, portable ALL-IN-ONE Digital Automatic Motor Testers -twelve testers in one unit. Also on display is our latest Model 2780 line of SAMATIC Automatic AC/DC Random Coil Winding Machines.

Booth: 1821 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

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Schenck Balancing & Diagnostic Systems

Manufacturer of balancing machines and vibration analysis equipment. We offer nationwide balancing services.

Booth: 816 | Category: Miscellaneous |

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Schunk Graphite Technology

Schunk Graphite Technology manufactures brushholders, carbon-graphite, resin-bonded graphite and metal-bonded graphite brushes for domestic and imported motors and generators of all sizes.

Booth: 109 | Category: Materials |

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SDT Ultrasound Solutions

SDT Provides ultrasound solutions that give our customers a greater understanding about the health of their factory. We help them predict failures, control energy costs and improve product quality while contributing to the overall uptime.

Booth: 1428 | Category: Service Center Equipment |


Low cost, remote, on-line vibration Condition Monitoring, Portable Vibration Analyzers, Data Collector, Phase Analysis, Balancing. Affordable Wireless Laser Alignment tools.

Booth: 1439 | Category: Service Center Equipment

Shanxi Huiqiang Magnets Co., Ltd.

We are a Neodymium magnets manufacturer located in China with special technology patented in the US and ISO/TS16949 certified.

Booth: 1434 | Category: Materials |

Shaver-Kudell Manufacturing, Inc.

Cast iron, steel & insulated sleeves, Aluminum & plastic cooling fans. Galvanized fan covers. Aluminum & cast iron T-Boxes. Shop tooling & supplies.

Booth: 1913 |

An Associate member of EASA

Shenzhen Topband Co., Ltd.

Brush Coreless Motor, Brushless Coreless Motor, Brushless DC Motor Controller. Precise long life motors, high efficiency and high torque. Double winding technology.

Booth: 1500 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Backed by 150 years of experience, Siemens SIMOTICS motors provide industrial users with the optimum solution for a wide variety of applications.

Booth: 815 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts

The SIFCO Process is the leading method of electroplating localized areas. We provide contract services, chemical solutions and equipment for surface enhancement to improve component performance , minimize downtime and reduce manufacturing costs.

Booth: 1113 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

SKF USA, Electric Motor Condition Monitoring

Baker DX and Baker AWA-IV families of static (off-line) motor analyzers will be on display, as well as the EXP4000 and NetEP dynamic (in-service) motor monitors.

Booth: 304 |

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Visit the SKF booth to find the right bearing, maintenance product or discuss motor repair with our team.

Booth: 205 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

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Smarter Systems/Foster Electric Motor Service

Job cost accounting software - Windows SQL. Developed for efficiency and productivity. Affordable for any size shop. One price, no license/monthly fees. Supporting customers since 1985.

Booth: 1508 | Category: Miscellaneous |

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Sotek Inc./Belrix Inc.

No product description provided.

Booth: 1708 |

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Spring Point Solutions, LLC

MotorBase Online-The Premier Hosted Solution for Motor and Job Tracking and Cost, Inventory Control and Accounting. Featuring: Motor Management and Customer Web Portals.

Booth: 221 | Category: Miscellaneous |

An Associate member of EASA

STAR Technology, Inc.

Visit STAR Technology to discover our full ine of products for VPI/dip & bake, wet winding, balancing, trickle adhesives buttering, potting and encapsulating.

Booth: 1128 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Stearns Div., Rexnord Corp.

Manufacturer of spring set, electrically released brakes in both NEMA and IEC dimensions and electronic swithches for single phase motors.

Booth: 1021 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

An Associate member of EASA

Steelman Industries, Inc.

Steelman Industries will be displaying our industrial process oven and advanced burn-off oven, complete with our new optional touch-screen PLC control system.

Booth: 427 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

An Associate member of EASA

Stimple & Ward Co.

Form-wound armature, field and interpole coils for DC machines; stator, rotor and synchronous field coils for AC machines. Contact and blowout coils for control apparatus. Edgewinding our specialty. 100+ years experience!

Booth: 615 | Category: Coils |

An Associate member of EASA

Sulzer Dowding & Mills PLC

Sulzer will be demonstrating its ability to provide HV coils to markets throughout the world, for all types of AC/DC motors & generators.

Booth: 1421 | Category: Coils |

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Superior Services, LLC

Displaying our full laser cutting and design service, how we utilize our state of the art equipment and a variety of sample laminations.

Booth: 322 | Category: Materials |

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Swiger Coil Systems

Swiger Coil Systems will feature coils for AC and DC motors and generators: both OEM and replacement service coils for stators, armatures, rotors, and fields.

Booth: 1739 | Category: Coils |

An Associate member of EASA

The Gund Company

We're a custom fabricator of electrical insulating components for the manufacture and repair of power systems, inlcuding electric motrs, power generators, transformers, switchgear and electronics.

Booth: 1407 | Category: Materials |

An Associate member of EASA

Toledo Commutator Co.

Designer and Manufacturer of New and Refill Commutators for Locomotive, Traction, Mining and Industrial Motors. Mica Molded Commutators and Stell Machined Components.

Booth: 104 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Tri-State Bearing & Supply Co., Inc.

Introducing Mobile Bearing Supply, the industries neweste sales and service approach to the EASA community. With our MBS truck on display, visitors will have the opportunity to see the value of our newest concept.

Booth: 1700 | Category: Bearings |

UE Systems, Inc.

The recognized leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for use for condition monitoring, equipment reliability, bearing lubrication, electrical inspection, & compressed air leak detection.

Booth: 108 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Ultimate Electric Motors

Displaying Premium and Design C TEFC and ODP, Copper Rotor, PM motor, Stainless Steel OWP, Rolled Steel and Cast Iron 2-4-6-8 pole.

Booth: 1612 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Vacuum Interrupters, Inc.

No product description provided.

Booth: 1607 |

Vaughen's Price Publishing Co.

Stop in and learn how to profit from our new 2014 Price Guide. Check out our National Average Prices to repair Submersible Pumps and our web site. Register to win a FREE subscription to

Booth: 1205 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Wepon Bearings, Inc.

Ball bearings, High Preceision, Low Noise Level, ABEC 1,3,5,7. Z3V3, Z4V4.

Booth: 1933 | Category: Bearings

Whitelegg Machines, Ltd.

Coil winding arbors and fixtures for fractional hp-600 hp stators. Hydraulic bearing and pulley extractors of novel design. Range of special winders hand tools.

Booth: 1638 | Category: Service Center Equipment |

Wuxi Shenghe Electric Motor Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Shenghe is a specialist in manufacturing aluminum die casting brackets for various electric motors of Letrika, Bosch, Remy, Ametek and so on.

Booth: 223 | Category: Miscellaneous |

Yuandong Electric Motor (Ningede) Co., Ltd.

NEMA standard Three Phase & Single Phase electric motors. Premium Efficiency, Epact Efficiency IEC standard IE3, IE2 Cast Iron Frame, Cast Alluminum Frame, Rolled Steel Frame TEFC & ODP Pumps.

Booth: 1634 | Category: Motors/Drives/Controls |

Zhejiang Huizhong Industrial Trading Co., Ltd.

Motor run and start capacitors. Low dissipation factor, small inherent rise, excellent self-healing stability safety and high voltage withstand. UL recognized capacitors.

Booth: 1920 | Category: Materials |

Zollern GmbH & Co. KG

DIN/ISO Complete Assembly Bearings of the Z Family as well as spare parts for the Zollern and the Renk bearings used in electric motors and generators.

Booth: 1925 | Category: Bearings |