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Convention schedule - Monday, June 15

7:00 - 8:30 am

Breakfast / EASA Service Center Accreditation Program Update

The EASA Accreditation Program was launched in July 2014. This session will outline:

  • The number of locations accredited to date
  • Experiences of accredited firms varying in size and location
  • What EASA and accredited members have learned from the program
  • How well the Accreditation Program has been received and accepted by end users and others to date

Art Anderson
Shermco Industries, Inc.
St. Paul, MN


Dale Hamil
Illinois Electric Works, Inc.
Granite City, IL

Paul Gullickson
L&S Electric, Inc.
Schofield, WI

Doug Hinson
Excel Apparatus Services, Inc.
North Charleston, South Carolina
Steve Skenzick
HPS Electrical Apparatus Sales & Service, Inc.
Roseburg, OR

9:00 - 10:15 am

Education Session

The Effects of Voltage and Frequency Variations on Motor Performance

Learn about the impact of voltage and frequency variations on squirrel-cage induction motors, specifically regarding efficiency, power factor, thermal life, starting characteristics and cost penalties. Items covered will include:

  • Allowable variations in voltage and frequency per manufacturing standard
  • Power factor issues
  • Unbalance
  • Noise and vibration
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Voltage surges and transient conditions
  • Voltage sag
  • Impact on variable-frequency drives
  • Single-phase conditions

Austin Bonnett
Bonnett Engineering
Gallatin, MO

Education Session

Implementing the EASA Accreditation Program

This session will cover:

  • Equipment and calibration–what is and is not required
  • Internal and external auditing–how to plan and what to expect
  • Frequently asked questions received in the first year
  • The most common nonconformities and how to prevent them

Tom Bishop, P.E.
EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
St. Louis, MO

Education Session

European & World Trends, Techniques and More

This session will cover:

  • Update on EASA internationalization
  • Industry/market trends in European & World Chapter
  • EASA–IECEx training program
  • Forum around problem-solving techniques and differences in approach (e.g., WPII protection, oil-lubricated ball bearings)

No matter your location, this discussion will be of interest!

Mathis Menzel
Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH
Berlin, Germany


David Griffin
CPM Engineering,  Ltd.
Manchester, England, UK


Johan De Coster
Coil Partners
Istanbul, Turkey


Frederic Beghain
EASA Region 9
Betrange, Luxembourg

Education Session

How to Survive–and Master–a Sales Call

This high-content program has been developed for the EASA owner/manager or sales team member who makes outside sales calls on prospects and customers. Never had any sales training but find yourself needing to make sales calls on customers? This session will explain steps and structures you can implement immediately that can best strengthen your ability to sell–whether you are new to selling or an experienced sales professional. Join this highly-rated speaker for this “crash course” in selling . . . so you don’t crash on your next sales call!

Jim Pancero
Jim Pancero, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Education Session

Shaft Alignment: Rock ’N’ Roll Machinery Style

The session will provide a straightforward look at the simple relationship between shaft centerlines that is known as shaft alignment. Bypassing the common discussion of laser and manual instruments, this presentation gets to the heart of the shaft alignment process:

  • Fundamental concepts
  • How to visualize machine case position 
  • Practical solutions for moving machine cases
  • Applying tolerances
  • The foot–base–foundation connection

Gene Vogel
EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
St. Louis, MO

Education Session

Handling Common Employment Policies Correctly

This session will cover what to watch out for when developing policies on:

  • Drug testing
  • Tobacco use
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Ethics
  • Equal Employment Opportunity

David D. Schein
Claremont Management Group
Houston, TX

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Optional Tour: Mission Trail

Click photos to enlarge

Dating to the 1700s, the missions of San Antonio are reminders of the extent of Spain’s dominion north from Mexico.

  • Mission San Jose – The “Queen of the Missions,” this was the most beautiful, most prosperous and best fortified of all Texas missions.
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano – This mission became a vital regional supplier of agricultural produce.
  • Mission Concepción – Dating to 1731,  this is the oldest, unrestored Catholic church and took 20 years to complete.
  • The Alamo – The most famous spot in all of Texas where 189 defenders fell on March 6, 1836, after repeated attacks by Santa Anna’s army.

Departs from the Grand Hyatt.

Price: $30 ($40 after May 1)

9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Optional Tour: Historic Homes

Click photos to enlarge

Step back in time as you visit 19th-century Victorian mansions and beautiful gardens in the King William District–San Antonio’s most elegant residential area in the 1800s and now one of the oldest registered historic districts in Texas. Highlights include:

  • Steves Homestead - Edward Steves, who immigrated to Texas in 1848 and later founded the Steves Lumber Company, built this lovely restored home in 1876.
  • Maverick Carter House - This Richardsonian Romanesque-style house was built in 1893 by William Maverick. The original furnishings of this house-museum are so complete that you'd think the lady of the house just stepped out to run an errand.
  • Guenther House - The elegant Guenther House was the home of the founding family of the Pioneer Flour Mills, still an active San Antonio business. Located on a bend in the San Antonio River, this stately home was built in the 1860s by Carl Hilmar Guenther.

Tour departs from the Grand Hyatt.

Price: $50 ($60 after May 1)

10:30 - 11:45 am

Education Session

Time- & Money-Saving Devices for the Service Center

This session will cover:

  • Devices you can build
  • Devices you are better off buying
  • How to tell the difference before you start
  • Surplus items not common to our industry and how to use them
  • Alternatives to expensive instruments

Chuck Yung
EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
St. Louis, MO

Education Session

The Effect of Structural Support Conditions on the Vibration Characteristics of Machinery

Although critical industrial plant machinery is comprehensively designed to prevent excessive vibration, the structural systems that support the machinery are generally less scrutinized and can result in excessive vibration levels. This session will cover the dynamic response characteristics of the major types of supporting systems, including:

  • Machines on rigid concrete foundations
  • Supports for service center testing of machines
  • Machines on elastic metal frames

Case histories will be presented to illustrate problems that can occur if the supporting system is not designed properly. In addition to being useful for evaluating structural integrity and vibration issues at customer installations, the session will also provide insight and guidance applicable to service center machinery and test bed installations.

Robert Sayer, P.E.
Applied Structural Dynamics
Medina, OH

Education Session

Avoiding Problems When Hiring and Firing

These days, hiring and/or terminating employees is fraught with peril. The session will cover: 

  • Interviewing the right way
  • Investigating applicants and employees
  • Fairness in disciplining employees
  • Common problems when hiring and terminating employees

David D. Schein
Claremont Management Group
Houston, TX

Education Session

Are You Managing a ‘Selling SWAT Team’ or Independent Gunfighters?

This information-intensive program has been developed for the EASA member responsible for managing and leading their sales team. You will learn where you spend your time directly impacts your ability to manage and lead your team. You will also learn how to be a “Selling Process” leader by staying in “The Coaching Zone.”

Jim Pancero
Jim Pancero, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Education Session

Minimizing Calibration Costs for Measuring and Test Equipment

This session will examine:

  • Quantities/qualities of measuring and test equipment utilized in the industry
  • How to locate/source qualified calibration suppliers
  • Costs of internal/external calibration for some measuring and test equipment

Mike Howell
EASA Technical Support Specialist
St. Louis, MO

11:00 - 11:30 am

Exhibitor forum

EASA invites one representative from each exhibiting company to attend the exhibitor forum to give us feedback on this year's show and to hear about the EASA 2016 Toronto show.

12:00 am - 4:00 pm

Exhibit Showing & New Product Theater

View a complete list of exhibitors as well as an interactive map of the exhibit hall.

New Product Theater Presentations

12:30 - 1:00 pm HP Series Motor Permanant Magnet (Ferrite)
Presented by Lafert North America
1:15 - 1:45 pm The QM (Quality Management) Wizard
Presented by Spring Point Solutions, LLC
2:00 - 2:30 pm High Frequency Grounding System
Presented by Electro Static Technology—ITW
2:45 - 3:15 pm Single-Point Automatic Lubrication System
Presented by Bradleys, Inc.
3:30 - 4:00 pm New Generation of Rotor Design for Higher Efficiencies
Presented by Siemens Industry, Inc.


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