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Convention schedule - Saturday, June 13

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Optional Tour: San Antonio City Tour

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Discover why San Antonio’s such a great place to live and visit on this riding tour. Highlights include:

  • The Alamo – Known worldwide, the defeat of the Alamo defenders by Santa Anna’s army inspired others to “Remember the Alamo” and win independence for Texas.
  • King William District – The most elegant residential area in the city in the 1800s, the Victorian-era mansions and beautiful gardens give visitors a glimpse back in time.  Also tour Steves Homestead, the only mansion in the district open to the public.
  • San Fernando Cathedral – The oldest cathedral sanctuary in the United States.
  • Spanish Governor’s Palace – Dating to 1749, it was built to serve as the official residence for the commander of the Presidio de San Antonio and became the seat of Spanish government in Texas.
  • El Mercado – Two blocks of shops that capture San Antonio’s Mexican and Hispanic heritage. Here you’ll find everything from piñatas and pottery to colorful clothing, carvings, metal works, blankets and baskets. Enjoy a bite to eat “on your own” at one of the many restaurants while mariachi music plays in the background. 

Price: $45 ($55 after May 1)

1:30 - 5:00 pm

Early Bird Education Session

Family Business Succession Planning

If you attended this speaker’s highly rated session in 2012, come to be refreshed and learn even more in 2015! 
Planning for succession is critical in assuring your company’s success and ultimate survival. This session will walk through the questions that every business owner/family member must ask when transitioning the family business. These questions address the following themes:

  • Who will I sell my business to, and when?
  • Will I have enough money to retire?
  • Why is gifting my business dangerous?
  • How can my family and/or my key employees afford to purchase my business?

The session also will cover 7 questions about giving decisions that will profoundly change your life. After all, how you leave your money and possessions is as important as what you leave.
Spouses, children and key employees are encouraged to attend!

Attendees will receive a copy of Every Family’s Business (a New York Times “Top 10 Book for Business Owners”), PLUS a copy of Tom Deans’ new book, Willing Wisdom.

Thomas Deans, Ph.D.
Détente Financial
Orangeville, ON, Canada

Early Bird Education Session

Boot Camp: Social Media for Industrial Business

Most business owners realize that social media is here to stay, and they probably should be “in the game.” But with so many different social platforms, which do you choose? Which hold the most value, and how do you use social media to drive bottom line results? 

With more than 23% of online time spent on social networks, developing a social media strategy for your business will help give you a competitive edge. Yes, even for electromechanical service centers! 

This session explores how social media can help you promote your business, connect with your customers, increase your visibility and achieve your overall business objectives. Topics will include:

  • Social media and search engine optimization working as a system
  • How social media can help build your brand
  • How to connect to your target audience
  • Social media tools to help manage time spent on social networks
  • Benchmarking, tracking and reporting

Eddie Bluff
Site-Seeker, Inc.
New Hartford, NY


Brian Bluff
Site-Seeker, Inc.
New Hartford, NY

Early Bird Education

Pump Reliability Issues

This session will cover:

  • Pump impellers
  • Repair-related topics
  • Pump seal cautions
  • Pump sizing
  • Using the right impeller for the application 

Gene Vogel
EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
St. Louis, MO

Early Bird Education

Connections for Winding & Starting

This session will cover:

Internal connections

  • Wye or delta?
  • Parallel circuits
  • Dual voltage (delta connected, wye connected, wye/delta connected)
  • Tri-voltage (2D2Y1D and others)

For starting

  • Ladder diagrams
  • Across the line (soft start, adjustable-speed drive)
  • Reduced voltage (autotransformer, PWS, wye/delta, 12-lead single voltage)
  • Multi-speed (one winding, two winding)

Jim Bryan 
EASA Technical Support Specialist
St. Louis, MO


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