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Saturday, June 28

12:00 - 5:15 pm

Chapter Leadership Lunch/ Leadership Forum

This event is for officers and board members of EASA chapters and requires separate registration.

12:00 - 4:00 pm

Optional Tour: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

Relive Kennedy’s presidential campaign, the Kennedy/Nixon debates, Kennedy’s presidency, and the Cuban missile crisis, while drawing inspiration from Kennedy’s wit, optimism and ideals. Highlights include:

  • Unique films and self-guided exhibits about Kennedy “the candidate” and Kennedy “the president” 
  • 25 multimedia displays and period settings that dramatically recreate events of the 1960s as seen through Kennedy’s eyes and narrated in his voice 
  • Kennedy’s personal mementos and historical artifacts

Go to for more information. 

(Travel takes about 15 minutes each way; wear comfortable shoes; not suitable for children under 5.)

Price: $50 per person

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Optional Tour: Explore Boston

Discover why Boston's such a great place to live and visit on this riding tour. Highlights include:

  • Beautiful Victorian Back Bay area
  • Copley Square’s architectural masterpieces
  • Trinity Church and Boston Public Library
  • Beacon Hill’s beautiful homes, famous residents, and historic role in the African slave underground 
  • A stop to view the Massachusetts State House and Shaw Civil War Memorial
  • Boston Commons and Public Gardens, home to Boston’s famous swan boats 
  • Boston Massacre site
  • A short, guided walk to historic Old North Church and Paul Revere’s birthplace
  • A stop to experience the North End’s unique Italian culture and buy an Italian snack “to go”

Price: $30 per person

1:30 - 5:00 pm

Early Bird Education Session

Improving Sales Call Success: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Improve your sales call success by making better use of the time the customer or prospect provides. Most salespeople use this precious time asking questions to identify any unmet needs or opportunities.

So, are you asking the right questions?

Based on the popular SPIN® Selling model, this workshop will present an alternative to the classic sales approach. The SPIN method emphasizes the questioning techniques salespeople use when identifying customer needs. Research has clearly shown that when applied properly these techniques improve sales call success. Participants will learn these questioning techniques and the related research findings. Other topics will include:

  • Setting realistic sales call objectives
  • Understanding the difference between implied and explicit needs, and why that’s important
  • Determining the customer’s value equation
  • Explaining features, advantages and benefits. What does each mean?
  • Recognizing key buying signals
  • Preventing customer objections

Jerry Peerbolte
J. Peerbolte & Associates
Fort Smith, AR

Early Bird Education Session

Mitigating Harmonics and Detrimental Waveforms Caused by VFDs

Back by popular demand! And with plenty of time for full discussion.

This session will cover:

  • Overview of drives topologies
  • The differences between 6,12,18 pulse and active front end drives 
  • How the differences in drives relate to harmonics generated
  • Filters on either end of the drive to mitigate the effects of harmonics, as well as voltage spikes and other potential damaging effects on the motor

Rick Hoadley
ABB, Inc.
New Berlin, WI

Early Bird Education Session

Failure Analysis of Shafts and Fasteners

Understand how and why shafts and fasteners fail.

This session will include:

  • Discussion of material properties typically found in motor shafts, machine shafts and common fasteners
  • Differentiating between overload and fatigue failures
  • Understanding and identifying the difference between ductile and brittle materials, and how their fracture appearances differ
  • A detailed explanation of how to identify fatigue failures, including the rate and direction of force application and the effect of stress concentrations
  • Examples of several failure analyses
  • Pictures of failed components to give attendees practice in diagnosing failure types and causes
  • Tagged examples of failures like those presented to give attendees hands-on understanding of how to diagnose failures

Neville Sachs, P.E., PLLC
Syracuse, NY

Early Bird Education Session

Getting the Most from EASA’s AC Motor Verification and Redesign Program & Motor Database

Version 3 of the AC Motor Verification & Redesign Program has been married with EASA’s improved motor database to form a single application that addresses service center winding design needs. This session will explain how to get the most from the features and capabilities while providing a good look at a few winding pitfalls that can be avoided when the new program’s capabilities are understood. The session will cover:

  • Basic program operation for redesigning three-phase windings
  • Time-saving features of the new Version 3 program
  • Using the EASA Motor Database to verify winding design
  • Storing and retrieving critical information
  • Concerns for special winding conditions

Gene Vogel
EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
St. Louis, MO