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Wednesday, July 2

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Optional Tour: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & MuseumTOUR CANCELED

Relive Kennedy’s presidential campaign, the Kennedy/Nixon debates, Kennedy’s presidency, and the Cuban missile crisis, while drawing inspiration from Kennedy’s wit, optimism and ideals. Highlights include:

  • Unique films and self-guided exhibits about Kennedy “the candidate” and Kennedy “the president” 
  • 25 multimedia displays and period settings that dramatically recreate events of the 1960s as seen through Kennedy’s eyes and narrated in his voice 
  • Kennedy’s personal mementos and historical artifacts

Go to for more information. 

(Travel takes about 15 minutes each way; wear comfortable shoes; not suitable for children under 5.)

This tour is also offered on Saturday, June 28.

Price: $50 per person