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December 2009

  • EASA Web Site, Newsletter Redesigned For January Launch
  • Focus on Safety: Incident With Technician Reinforces The Need For Having A "Culture Of Safety"
  • Taming Those Misbehaving Motors: Troubleshooting Tips For Some Of The Most Common Problems
  • Chairman Griffin: Meeting The "Chapter Volunteer Leader" Challenge; Motor Rebate Legislation
  • Index of Currents Articles For 2009
  • Tech Tip: Base Speed And Torque Of A DC Motor
  • Highlights Of Recent Standards-Making Committee's Activities

November 2009

  • Members Benefit From Industry Awareness Efforts
  • Chairman Griffon: Strategic Plan's Third Objective
  • Focus On Safety: Service Center Hazards
  • Technical Encore: How To Determine Bearing Load Capability And What to Do When It's Excessive
  • Tech Tip: Removing A Tight End Bracket

October 2009

  • Marketing Solutions: Economic Challenges Spark New Division + Successful Ideas For Inside Sales
  • Focus on Safety: Service Center Hazards— Training, Preparation And Best Practices To Avoid Risk, Danger, Accidents (Part 1 of 2)
  • Chairman Griffin: Update On Strategic Plan Objective #2, Energy Legislation And Travels
  • Management Solutions: The Siren Song Of Inventory Reductions
  • Tech Tip: Core Testing With Windings In Stator

September 2009

  • Marketing Solutions: Sales Force Compensation Manual Updated
  • What Is A "Sealless" Centrifugal Pump?
  • Purpose Built Tools for the Service Center
  • Tech Tip: What Is NPSH and How Does It Affect Pump Performance?

August 2009

  • Legislation Pending For U.S. Federal Rebates On Premium Motors; Discussed At Successful EASA Convention
  • When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Still Produce A Profit
  • Working With Large Motor Frames: Special Care In Handling Required To Avoid Damage
  • New Online Training Session Focuses On Wind Generator Repair Tips
  • Chairman Griffin: Board Approves New Strategic Plan; Outlines EASA's Role Regarding Motor Rebate Legislation
  • Actions Of The Association's Board Of Directors
  • Professor David Walters, OBE, Receives EASA's Exceptional Achievement Service Award
  • Management Solutions: 2009 Operating Performance Reports Distributed To Survey Participants
  • EASA Seeks Renewal Of ANSI Standard Status For Repair Recommended Practice

July 2009

  • David G. Griffin Installed as EASA's New Chairman
  • New International Officers Installed
  • Clearance and Interference Coupling Fits: Tips on When to Use and How to Determine Tolerances
  • A Look at Industry Research From A Medium-Sized Business Perspective
  • Management Solutions: Misunderstanding the Expense Structure
  • Tech Tip: Test Running Wound Rotor Motors

June 2009

  • Webinar to Focus on "Pump Mechanical Seals"
  • Cast Iron Component Welding Repair Tips
  • Focus of Safety: Think About "Why" Safety Is Important
  • Vibration Testing in the Field: Common Causes of Why Vibration May Exist on a Quality Rebuild
  • Tech Tip: Is There a Tolerance for Shaft Runout?
  • Technical Support Spotlight: Service Center Gets "Off the Hook" Thanks to EASA Technical Support

May 2009

  • A Look at "State of the EASA Industry" Research From a Small-Sized Business Perspective
  • Chairman Miller: Make Safety Awareness and 2009 EASA Convention Top Business Priorities
  • What You Need to Know About "Self-Priming" Centrifugal Pumps
  • Investigation Confirms Repair Recommendation on Pump Installed in 1957
  • Focus On Safety: Are You In Compliance With the OSHA Standard Regarding Forklift Training?
  • Lubrication: Improving Bearing Performance and Reliability by Ensuring Grease Compatibility
  • Tech Tip: Balancing Open and Semi-open Pump Impellers

April 2009

  • Chairman Miller: So Much to Gain by Participating in EASA Operating Performance Survey
  • David Griffin to Become 2009-2010 Chairman
  • "Cold Stripping" Procedures for Form Coil Machines: Many Tips Can Be Adapted for Open Slot Wound Rotors, Armatures
  • Tips for Safe and Effective Shaft Removal
  • Focus on Safety: A Case for Company Safety Programs
  • Tech Tip: Use Caution When Removing a Pump Mechanical Seal That Will be Reused

March 2009

  • New Webinar Training Opportunities Announced
  • Motor Nameplate Letter Code Designations
  • Management Solutions: Thoughts on Recession-Proofing Your Business
  • Bolt Torque Considerations and Procedures
  • Focus On Safety: "Employee Safety Guide" A Valuable, Handy Resource
  • Tech Tip: Dealing With Unbalanced Voltage and Current
  • Survey in U.K. Reflects Overall "State Of The EASA Industry" Findings

February 2009

  • Plan to Participate in 2009 EASA Operating Performance Survey
  • Keeping Up With Safety In The Service Center
  • Management Solutions: "Society For Human Resource Management" Provides Valuable HR Information

January 2009

  • EASA Management Tools Shed Light in Cloudy Times
  • Pump Upgrades That Can Generate Profit
  • Tech Tip: Clean Motor Feet Before Returning To Customer
  • "State Of The EASA Industry" Research Includes Many Business Insights
  • Management Solutions: A Closer Look At How EASA Compares To Other Industries
  • Focus On Safety: Learning Valuable Insights From Customer