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December 2007

  • EASA Technical Manual Updated, Expanded
  • Chairman Stratton: Know The Facts When You Hear Myths Regarding Effects Of Repair/Rewinding On Motor Efficiency
  • Unbalanced Voltages And Electric Motors

November 2007

  • Chairman Stratton: "Sharpen Your Edge" With The Many Benefits Of EASA Membership
  • Dual Voltage: Twice As Much To Go Wrong?
  • Look Again At "Root Cause Failure Analysis" As A Valuable Sales And Marketing Tool
  • Magnet Repair Guidelines And Procedures
  • Management Solutions: Healthcare Savings Accounts

October 2007

  • Association Looks To Members For Input On "State Of The EASA Industry"
  • Chairman Stratton: Please Complete "State Of The EASA Industry" Survey; Your Input Is Vital!
  • Technical Encore: Motor Restack Procedures Provided
  • The IECEx Certified Service Facilities Program (Part 2 of 2)
  • Marketing Solutions: Refer To Resource Guide To Find All EASA Products And Services Available For Members

September 2007

  • Free Preview Offered For Portion Of New "How To Wind Three-Phase Stators" CD-ROM
  • New Online Training Program: "Dealing With Shaft And Bearing Currents"
  • Chairman Stratton: "Sharpen Your Edge" By Participating, Volunteering In Chapters, Regions
  • Motor Starting Capabilities And Considerations
  • The IECEx Certified Service Facilities Program

August 2007

  • Attendees Find Minneapolis To Be A Great Host City For Convention
  • Chairman Stratton: Proud To Take Part In Development Of How To Wind Three-Phase Stators CD-ROM
  • Voltage Stress: Not As Simple As It Sounds
  • Austin H. Bonnett Receives EASA's Exceptional Achievement Service Award
  • Actions Of The Board Of Directors

July 2007

  • Convention In Minneapolis Marks Beginning Of 2007-2008 Terms For Officers, Executive Committee
  • Chairman Stratton: "Sharpen Your Edge" Selected As Theme For 2007-2008 Administrative Year, Convention
  • Surge Testing Of DC Motor And Generator Armatures
  • 2007 Operating Performance Survey Results: Who Produces High Profit And Why?
  • Technical Support Specialist Cyndi Nyberg Resigns

June 2007

  • Sales Of Used Transformers, Sold For Resale To Missouri Electric Works, Declared To Be Sales Of Useful Products, Not Arrangements For The Disposal Of PCBs
  • Chairman Anderson: Thanks For A Rewarding Year-Continue To Succeed With Focus on "Leadership - Vision - Action"
  • From Novice To Expert, Everyone Can Learn From New CD-Based Training: How To Wind Three-Phase Stators
  • On-Site Service Tips Can Make Job Easier

May 2007

  • EASA'S Newest Member Benefit Will Teach How To Wind Three-Phase Stators
  • Chairman Anderson: EASA's 2007 Convention Will Offer Something For Everyone In Convenient, Cost-Effective Location
  • Ampacity of Lead Wire And Bus Bars: Variables To Consider
  • Marketing Solutions: Valuable Sales Sessions Offered At Convention
  • Looking To The Future: Give And Take From Updated "State of the EASA Industry" Research Project

April 2007

  • Motor Management Benefits Members, Customers
  • Chairman Anderson: You Can Impact Focus Of "State of the EASA Industry" Research Update
  • Surge Testing Anomalies: Helpful Tips To Prevent Problems

March 2007

  • Make Plans To Attend The 2007 EASA Convention In Minneapolis
  • Chairman Anderson: Participate In 2007 Operating Performance Survey And Use Results To Become More Profitable
  • Motor And Drive System Resonance Problems And Solutions
  • Vibration Analysis Of Motors In The Service Center

February 2007

  • Focus On Profits: Use 2007 Operating Performance Survey Results To Achieve Greater Business Success
  • Chairman Anderson: Minneapolis Shines For Media; Plan To See For Yourself At 2007 EASA Convention
  • Interpole Strength: Determining Correct Number Of Circuits Using A Cost-Efficient Regenerative Dynamometer
  • Creative Partnerships Can Help You Land More Business

January 2007

  • "Excellence Is Never An Accident!": Use Operating Performance Report Data To Proactively Troubleshoot, Fine Tune, And Drive Inefficiencies Out Of Your Business
  • Chairman Anderson: Focus Your "Vision," Take "Action" To Achieve New Levels Of Success In 2007
  • Relationship of Torque To Motor Shaft Size
  • Marketing Solutions: Use Motor Planning Kit To Your Advantage
  • Systems Approach To Electrical Equipment Repair