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Proper Motor Cleaning: Avoiding Damage to the Motor and the Environment

This session examines features, benefits and drawbacks of both conventional and alternative methods of cleaning electric motors. Methods covered include:

  • immersion tanks
  • steam cleaning
  • parts-washing machines
  • pressure washers
  • abrasives 
  • ultrasonic devices

Environmental options for handling waste by-products are also addressed. If you are considering changing your cleaning methods, this webinar is for you.

Topic(s): AC, DC, Pumps

Pump Cavitation

Cavitation is one of the most damaging forces to centrifugal pumps. Understanding the causes, symptoms and solutions for cavitation is essential to service technicians and engineers. This webinar will "bring you up to speed" on cavitation in centrifugal pumps.

Topic(s): Pumps

Pumps Seals—Advanced

This webinar will focus on:

  • A review seal basics
  • Seal materials for primary and secondary seals
  • How to determine spring tension values
  • How to calculate PV values
  • Seal flush plans

Topic(s): Pumps

Quick Pump Curves: How to Read Them

This webinar will take the mystery out of pump curves and provide attendees with the necessary knowledge to determine pump operating points, efficiency and horsepower. The elusive parameters that determine if a pump is likely to cavitate will also be discussed.

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for application engineers, sales personnel, managers and interested pump technicians and supervisors.

Topic(s): Pumps

Reclosure: How It Happens and What To Do About It

Reclosure occurs when power to a motor is briefly interrupted and restored before the magnetic field has fully collapsed in the motor’s winding. If this occurs while the applied power is out of phase with the collapsing field, significant damage can result. This session will address how this can happen and what measures can mitigate damage potential. It will include:

  • Reclosing a switch or breaker before the magnetic field collapses
  • Utilities’ automatic reclosure
  • Contactor “chatter”
  • Determining the time constraint
  • Remedies: Time delay; Zero crossing


Repair Best Practices to Maintain Efficiency

There are certain repair processes, such as winding removal and replacement, that can impact the efficiency and reliability of electric motors. Prudent repair practices must not increase overall losses, and preferably should maintain or reduce them. This session will explain how those repair processes affect efficiency and reliability; and presents the best repair practices in order to maintain or improve efficiency.

Topic(s): AC, DC, Repair tips/procedures

Repair Tips for Submersible Pumps

This webinar focuses on submersible pumps:

  • Types of submersible pumps
  • Tips on seal arrangements
  • Common repair procedures
  • Cables and cable entries
  • Testing submersibles in the service center

Topic(s): Pumps

Repair/Replace: When the Decision is Replace

The subject of the repair option in the repair/replace decision process has been dealt with frequently. However, the topic of what to do when the decision is to replace is rarely if ever addressed. This session is intended to help fill that void.

The main topics to be covered include:

  • Selecting the right motor for the application
  • Dealing with usual and unusual electrical and mechanical conditions
  • Preventing problems by recognizing the cause(s) of the original motor failure
  • Adding value by providing additional features and offering services to increase the reliability of the replacement motor
Who should attend

This webinar will be most useful for service center inside and outside sales representatives, customer service personnel, and managers. The content will be beneficial for beginners through highly experienced persons.

Topic(s): AC, DC

Repairing Impeller Damage

We’ve covered how to assess impeller damage in a previous webinar. Now learn how to fix that damage. This webinar will cover: 

  • Replacing/repairing wear rings
  • Repairing cavitation damage
  • Impeller replacement options
  • Dynamic balancing impellers

Topic(s): Pumps, Repair tips/procedures

Rewinding Tips for Premium-Efficient Motors

Premium efficient motors and inverter-fed motors have a couple of things in common: more iron for lower flux densities and more copper for lower copper densities. This webinar will outline tips for successfully rewinding premium efficient motors without compromising their efficiency, and for rewinding inverter-fed motors so they will last. This session is most helpful for those with a hands-on background in motor winding.

Topic(s): AC, Repair tips/procedures

Root Cause Failure Analysis Methodology

Root Cause Methodoloy is a step-by-step method for examining a failed motor and its system. It focuses on the stresses that acted upon the failed component. By better understanding these stresses, the service center is more likely to uncover the root cause of failure.

This webinar will examine the five key steps of root cause methodology:

  • Failure mode
  • Failure pattern
  • Appearance
  • Application
  • Maintenance history

The webinar will also discuss the "5 Whys?", summarize motor stresses, and stress the importance of total system analysis (not just motor).

Who should attend

The webinar will be most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers, engineers, and users maintenance personnel desiring to understand the techniques for determining root cause of failures and implement remedies to improve reliability.

Topic(s): AC, DC, Root cause failure analysis

Squirrel Cage Rotor Testing

Determining whether or not a squirrel cage rotor is defective is an issue that is a challenge to every service center as there is often no simple way to determine the integrity of a rotor. The primary focus of this session will be to describe many of the available tests that can be utilized in the service center or at the motor installation site. In addition to conventional squirrel cage rotor testing methods such as the growler test, techniques that will also be covered are the use of a core loss tester, high current excitation, and spectrum analysis of vibration.

Who should attend
This webinar will be most useful for service center and field technicians with at least 2 years experience, service center supervisors and managers, engineers, or anyone with previous experience dealing with suspected open rotor issues.
Topic(s): AC, Testing

Strength and Characteristics of Motor and Pump Shaft Materials

Most service center technicians and managers know the general properties of a few common grades of steel used for motor and pump shafts. This webinar will expand that knowledge by defining the important parameters of a range of steel grades and how they affect performance. The affects of thermal treating and basic metallurgical terminology will also be presented.

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for service center supervisors, managers and machine shop technicians.

Topic(s): Pumps, Shafts

Submersible Pump Cable Entries and Seals

"Water finds a way." The quote may be anonymous but that is the reality for anyone working with submersible pumps. Sometimes neglected, the cable entry point can be a source of moisture entrainment that leads to damp windings and ground failures. This webinar will address this important link in sealing submersible pumps.

Topic(s): Pumps

Taking Three-Phase Winding Data

This webinar will stress the importance of taking accurate winding data and explain and emphasize the consequences of inaccurate data. Details will be provided on how to take accurate electrical and mechanical data; and how to verify that the data is correct. One of the main benefits of this webinar will be an improved ability to “get it right the first time” so as to avoid the added cost and time of another rewind to correct errors.

Who should attend

This webinar will be most useful for service center winders, engineers, supervisors and managers. The content will be beneficial for beginners through highly experienced persons.

Topic(s): AC, Repair tips/procedures

Techniques for Straightening Pump Shafts

The slender dimensions of many pump shafts make them susceptible to distortion, which affects pump performance and reliability. This webinar will present a methodical approach and effective techniques for measuring and correcting shafts which are bent or twisted.

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for service center supervisors, managers and machine shop technicians.

Topic(s): Pumps, Shafts

The FFT (aka Spectrum): What It Is and Ways to Use It

This webinar will examine:

  • How the spectrum is generated from the vibration signal
  • The effect of f-max and resolution settings
  • Averaging techniques
  • Scaling and demodulation

Topic(s): Vibration

Time-Saving Repair Tips

This webinar shares secrets used by other service centers to gain a competitive edge in the repair process. Mechanical, winding and machining tips reduce repair time, help avoid unnecessary rework, and decrease turn-around time.

Who should attend

This webinar will be useful to supervisors, machinists, mechanics, winders, and sales personnel who interact with the end user.

Topic(s): AC, DC, Repair tips/procedures

Unusual Winding Connections & Layouts

Unusual winding connections can create real headaches if they aren’t correctly identified when the data is taken. And the time required to “get it right the second time” comes directly off your bottom line.

This webinar will cover:

  • equalized connections
  • odd grouping
  • interleaved and interspersed windings
  • part-salient, part-consequent connections

Topic(s): AC

Vertical Bearing Systems & Setting End Play

This session will look at various configurations of vertical motor thrust bearing arrangements. We will also discuss the reason for having or not having end play, what that end play should be and how to get there. Some pitfalls of setting end play such as internal bearing clearance, spring loaded bearings and back to back bearing sets will also be examined.

Who should attend

The webinar will be most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers, and engineers involved in the disassembly and reassembly of vertical motors with thrust bearings.

Topic(s): Bearings, Repair tips/procedures

Vertical Turbine Pump Repair Tips

Vertical turbine pumps are used extensively in every segment of industry. Although they are not complex, repairing them in the service center can present a few challenges. This webinar will present some approaches and procedures that experience has shown will make the job easier.

Topic(s): Pumps, Repair tips/procedures

Vibration of Belt Driven Machines

This one-hour webinar will examine:

  • Identifying belt vibration
  • Identifying pulley pitch line run-out vibration
  • Other vibration sources
  • ODS analysis

Topic(s): Alignment, Mechanical, Vibration

Vibration Problems With Motors Installed on Vertical Pumps

When motors are installed on top of vertical pumps, high vibration is a common problem. The problem may be mechanical, hydraulic or structural. This webinar will provide an understanding of the nature of this style pump and the various forces essential to diagnosing and correcting vibration problems on vertical pump motors.

Topic(s): Pumps, Vibration

Winding & Bearing Temperature Sensing Devices

This webinar session will address the topic of a various temperature sensing devices including RTD’s, thermostats, thermocouples and thermistors. The advantages of each and the proper application will be covered.

Who should attend
This seminar will be most useful for service center sales personnel, engineers, supervisors and managers. The content will be beneficial for moderate through highly experienced persons.
Topic(s): AC, Bearings