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Surge testing of DC motor and generator armatures

Publication date: 
July 2007
Cyndi Nyberg Esau, Former EASA Technical Support Specialist

In the April 2007 issue of CURRENTS, we covered surge testing anomalies, specifically for AC windings. The surge test can be used for DC windings as well. It can be a useful tool for evaluating armatures and some DC fields. A note of caution: If a winding does not have a minimum insulation resistance per ANSI/EASA AR100-2006, it is not safe to apply an overpotential test (surge or high potential). Surge testing shunt fields may not provide meaningful results if the surge pulse decays too quickly - if it dissipates through only the first few hundred turns. To obtain a test voltage high enough to test every turn would require too high a voltage. That high voltage would overstress the groundwall insulation.

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