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Final Testing for Pumps - An Overview

Published: November 2014
Author: Gene Vogel, EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
Recording duration: 62 minutes
Technical subject(s): Pump seals, Pump testing

Testing methods for induction motors for use in VFD-powered applications

Published: November 2014
Author: Art Godfrey (retired), Birclar Electric & Electronics
Technical subject(s): AC motors, Motor testing

Testing of fan motors with the fan installed

Published: November 2014
Technical subject(s): AC motors, Fans, Motor testing, Ventilation/cooling

Factors to consider when installing blowers on DC machines

Published: October 2014
Technical subject(s): DC motor cooling, DC motors, Ventilation/cooling

Management Pulse survey results: Healthcare and other benefits

Published: October 2014
Author: Martha Meza-Lara, Bellwood Electric Motors, Inc.
Technical subject(s): N/A