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EASA's Governing Policies - Chapters



Resolved, that in accordance with EASA’s Bylaws, Article IV – Chapters, Section 1:  Composition of Chapters. A Chapter is defined as a territory that is organized under a charter issued by the Association that has been approved by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors. It is further resolved that the purpose of a Chapter is to provide networking and educational training opportunities for EASA members by conducting chapter meetings and educational seminars. Chapters shall hold at least one technical and/or educational training meeting in its geographic territory that will be in accordance with EASA’s Mission Statement:  “The Mission of EASA is to help members enhance their performance and achieve greater levels of success.” Chapters shall also hold at least one business meeting annually with reports given by the Chapter Officers and an up-to-date Treasurer’s report or financial statement. The annual technical and/or educational meeting may be conducted concurrently. Additionally, it is recommended that Chapters publish a minimum of one Chapter newsletter annually.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that the uniform dues rebate to Chapters in the U.S., as provided in the Bylaws Article IV, Section 9, shall be ten percent (10%). The uniform dues rebate to Chapters outside the U.S., as provided in the Bylaws Article IV, Section 9, shall be fifteen percent (15%). For any dues renewal payments received at EASA Headquarters from March 1 through March 31, the uniform dues rebate to Chapters in the U.S. shall be five percent (5%) and the uniform dues rebate for Chapters outside the U.S. shall be ten percent (10%). Chapters will not receive (or, in cases where chapters are collecting International dues directly, shall not retain) this rebate on any dues renewal payments received at EASA Headquarters after March 31.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that no chapter will have any bylaws or policies that conflict with the Bylaws and Governing Policies of EASA International.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that all Chapters must adhere to EASA’s logo use guidelines.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that all Chapters shall send copies of the minutes of all meetings to the President and CEO within thirty (30) days after the date of the meeting. All chapters also shall submit to the President and CEO and Regional Director copies of all meeting notices a minimum of 30 days in advance of each meeting. A financial statement shall be submitted to the President and CEO at least annually showing revenues, expenses and all account balances.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, in the event any chapter fails to comply with Association guidelines per Bylaws Article IV, Section 12(a)(1)(2) and/or Governing Policies 19 and 23 in any calendar year, the Association shall not rebate any dues to the chapter outlined in Governing Policy 20 for the following membership year.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)


Resolved, that Regions 1 through 8 may have the Chairman of the Association attend one regional meeting each Administrative Year. Regions 9 and 10 may have the Chairman attend one regional meeting every other Administrative Year unless unusual circumstances warrant it and such travel is approved by the Executive Committee. The Region will pay the Chairman’s (including spouse) hotel and meeting registration expense. EASA will pay their reasonable transportation and meal expenses.

(Reaffirmed June 2017)