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EASA's Governing Policies

 Adopted by The Board of Directors


Resolved, that the Governing Policies serve to further clarify the Bylaws as well as to cover subject matter not defined by the Bylaws that need some type of control.

Resolved, that all future matters pertaining to policy be presented in the form of resolutions to the Board of Directors, clearly defining the matter which, if passed, can be printed in the roster or rosters, and be it further

Resolved, that these resolutions on policy be changed or amended from time to time as occasion demands, and that they will automatically be reviewed after five (5) years have elapsed since their adoption or last date of review; and be it further

Resolved, that the policies shall be arranged under the headings of:

(a) Membership, 10-18
(b) Chapters, 19-29
(c) Officers and Directors, 30-39
(d) Central Office and Sales, 40-49
(e) Dues and Collections, 50-59
(f) General Policies, 60-79

(Reaffirmed June 2017)