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Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Industry Partners Meeting

Presentation date: September 2004
Industry group: Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE)
Location: Dallas, TX

EASA and the Motor Service Industry
Speaker: Linda Raynes, EASA President & CEO
Also in attendance: George Flolo

Iris Engineering Maintenance Conference

Presentation date: June 2004
Location: New Orleans, LA

Improving Efficiency During the Repair Process
Presented by Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist

IEEE Pulp & Paper Conference

Presentation date: June 2004
Industry group: International Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Understanding the EASA Mechanical Repair Guideline
Presented by Cyndi Nyberg, former EASA Technical Support Specialist

Ski Lift Association

Presentation date: May 2004
Location: Grand Junction, CO

DC Root Cause
Presented by Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Techincal Support Specialist

Tri-State Utilities

Presentation date: February 2004
Location: Denver, CO

Maintaining Efficiency During Repair
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist