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IEEE Pulp & Paper Industry Conference (PPIC)

Presentation date: June 2014
Industry group: IEEE Pulp & Paper Industry Conference (PPIC)
Location: Atlanta, GA

Experimental Evaluation of Low Voltage Off-Line Testing for Induction Motor Rotor Fault Diagnostics; Second Place Technical Paper
Presented by Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist

Disaster Recovery: What to do After the Storm

Presented by Jim Bryan, EASA Technical Support Specialist


Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems (EEMODS) Conference

Presentation date: October 2013
Industry group: Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems (EEMODS)
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

EASA Service Center Accreditation Program
Presented by Tom Bishop, P.E., EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist

IEEE Petroleum & Chemical Industry Conference (PCIC)

Presentation date: September 2013
Industry group: International Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Location: Chicago, IL

Cool Facts About Cooling Electric Motors
Presented by Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist

Large Electric Motors Users Group (sponsored by Baker SKF)

Presentation date: August 2013
Industry group: Large Electric Motor Users Group (LEMUG)
Location: Ft. Collins, CO

Root Cause Falure Analysis
Presented by Austin Bonnett, EASA Education & Technology Consultant

EPRI Rewind Seminar

Presentation date: July 2013
Industry group: Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Location: Round Rock, TX

Motor & Generator Rewind Course
Presented by Jim Bryan, EASA Technical Support Specialist with Jim Oliver & Elton Floyd