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EASA's COVID-19 Safety Plan

To ensure a safe and productive event for everyone, EASA will incorporate safety protocols to help protect attendees, exhibitors, speakers and organizers.

All guests must accept EASA's Liability Waiver at the time of registration.

EASA is aware of the changes issued by the U.S. CDC on May 13 lifting the mask mandate and social distancing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals in situations other than health facilities, planes and public transportation. The Association is reevaluating its safety protocols for the Convention & Solutions Expo and will publish an update by no later than May 21.


Onsite at EASA 2021 Convention & Solutions Expo, attendees will be required to:

Refrain from handshakes/hugs.
Wear masks that cover the nose and mouth.
Maintain social distance (6 feet) from others.
Follow one-way traffic signs in common areas and hallways.
Utilize sanitization stations located throughout the meeting space and expo hall.
Perform self-assessed health screenings.
Do not attend if experiencing any symptoms.


The onsite registration process will feature:

Touchless check-in.
Scan-and-go badge printing or QR code check-in.
Marked social distancing at check-in.
Plexiglass partition at the registration desk.

Food & Beverage

Dining precautions will include:

Table seating limited to 4 per round.
Grab-and-go options at the expo.
Gloved servers, single-serve condiments and no pre-placed items on tables.

Solutions Expo

At the Expo, expect:

One-way traffic flow in most expo aisles.
Signage with Expo rules:
  • Masks required.
  • Traffic flow indicators.
  • No handshake/hugs.
  • Maintain 6 fee of personal space.
  • Name badges required for entry.
Sanitization stations will be scattered throughout the hall.
Rest stops available for side meetings between attendees and/or exhibitors.
Socially-distanced eating and standing areas.
Limited giveaways that require exchanging hands or multiple points of contact.
One-way entrance and exit doors.
Wider center and side aisles that allow two-way traffic.


Safety measures during sessions include:

Socially distanced seating.
Masks required.
Separate microphones for all speakers.
Sanitizing of session rooms during breaks.

A risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public space where other people are present. By attending EASA 2021 Convention & Solutions Expo, attendees voluntarily assume all risks associated with exposure to COVID-19.

EASA's COVID Liability Waiver

All guests must agree to the following waiver prior to registering for EASA's 2021 Convention & Solutions Expo.

There is always an inherent risk in attending any event or participating in any activity. Due to the circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic, there is a heightened degree of personal risk and responsibility in attending a live conference. EASA will be taking all legal, prudent, and advisable measures to reduce the risk of virus/illness transmission between people while attending the EASA 2021 Convention + Solutions Expo. Despite our best efforts, we will be unable to reduce the level of risk to zero.

I acknowledge that federal and state government officials have declared that there currently exists a public health crisis in our country related to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”).

I acknowledge these risks, and others, and agree to take full personal responsibility for them. I will not hold anyone else responsible, including EASA, should I contract an illness, or should anything else happen to me due to my participation in this event.

I agree to monitor my own health status and will not attend the conference if I am symptomatic in any way (including but not limited to fever, dry cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pains) or believe I have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus. If I am symptomatic, I will not come to the conference and will contact EASA for a refund or will transfer of funds to a future opportunity. If I show up and am refused entrance due to symptoms, I will not receive a refund.

I understand that all attendees will be required to wear masks at all times, use hand sanitizer frequently, wash hands frequently, stay 6+ feet apart from all other people at all times (except for people within your pod), follow prescribed wayfinding pathways, refrain from personal contact, respect the space of other attendees, and follow and additional social distancing guidance and regulations imposed by EASA or any convention facilities regardless of whether federal, state or local dictate the use of these practices. These regulations may become more or less strict at any time between now the event date due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. If I am refused entrance or am removed from the conference for not following these regulations, I will not receive a refund.