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Currents - March 2011

Highlights in this issue: 
  • EPA finalizes ruling, exempts burn-off ovens: Member efforts play critical part in educating regulatory agency
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Recruiting and retaining employees: the challenge continues
  • Skip-pole or adjacent-pole: Does jumper selection really matter?
  • Focus on Safety: Prevent accidents: Safety program should include employees, equipment and facilities
  • Tech Tip: Determining poles of a generator exciter rotor
  • Marketing Solutions: Develop a strategy to market your pump repair strengths
  • April webinars will focus on "Advanced Inside Sales Techniques," "Belt Loads"
  • New "Fundamentals of Pump Repair" seminar scheduled for May 6-7 in St. Louis
  • Recent Death: Rowland Walker O.B.E, EASA's International President/Chairman in 1980-81