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Currents - April 2013

Highlights in this issue: 
  • Industry Awareness Campaign success continues; Articles support EASA's image as "The ElectroMechanical Authority"
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Learning from other members is a major "Strength through Association"
  • Kevin Krupp elected director of EASA's Region 3
  • Flashover: Causes and cures for damage to brushholders, commutators
  • Don't forget: Training videos are available on Web site
  • Tech Tip: Special care when removing rotor in permanent magnet motors
  • EASA 2013 Exhibitors (to date)
  • May Webinar: "Drilling Down into DC Design"
  • Safety Tip: Push, don't pull when using hoist, crane
  • Trials and tribulations of split case pump seals