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Currents - December 2015

Highlights in this issue: 
  • Industry Awareness Campaign: List of links to trade press articles available at continues to grow
  • Message from Chairman Dupuis: Many thanks to committee members for their time and efforts; please pay your dues promptly
  • Board of Directors elections are held for Regions 1 and 8
  • Making vertical turbine pump shaft lift adjustments
  • Tech Tip: Easy way to determine percent compounding
  • Safety Tip: More welding reminders
  • ANSI/EASA AR100: Raising the "standard" has many meanings
  • Management Pulse survey results: Ownership transition in an EASA service center
  • Complimentary January webinar: "Implementing the EASA Accreditation Program"
  • January safety webinars to focus on "Fall Protection"
  • Partial discharge data collection on VFD motors
  • Key Insights on Industry Research: End-user trends and attitudes about repairing electric motors