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Currents - August 2018

Highlights in this issue: 
  • Attendees "Connect to Quality" at EASA Convention
  • Chairman Byars: “Navigate the Future” of technology and motor repair
  • Safety: What is unique about an electric motor service facility?
  • Actions of EASA’s Board of Directors meetings in Milwaukee
  • Safety Tips: Hand tool best practices
  • Thank you EASA 2018 Exhibitors
  • EASA 2018 Convention Snapshots
  • George Flolo receives Exceptional Achievement Service Award
  • September webinar explores 2-speed, 2-winding pole group connections
  • Safety Module #14 outlines bloodborne pathogen program
  • Tech Tip: When a generator will not self-excite
  • Carlos Ramirez joins EASA staff as technical support specialist