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Currents - December 2018

Highlights in this issue: 
  • Management Services Committee to provide "Lean Service" resources to help members eliminate waste, improve productivity
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Ongoing training helps you to "Navigate the Future"
  • Parallel circuits: More than meets the eye
  • Tech Tip: Selecting options in AC Motor Verification & Redesign program
  • Safety Tip: Live circuits: Don't be "shocked" by this tip!
  • European Commission announces motor and power converter efficiency directive regulation
  • Learning from experience: Tips for repairing a “purpose-built” motor
  • EASA to offer FREE webinars in January 2019: "Send Motor Data to EASA using the AC Motor Verification & Redesign Program"  (Jan. 23); and “Lean: Improve Your Shop Efficiency and Productivity” (Jan. 30)
EASA Currents - December 2018 - cover