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Currents - August 2019

Highlights in this issue: 
  • Another successful event: 2019 EASA Convention and Las Vegas prove to be a winning combination
  • Chairman Larry's Message: How to "Gain the Advantage" after a successful convention
  • Dealing with wet/flooded motors - Recovering from disaster: Saltwater becomes a major problem
  • Common misconceptions about how to dry wet motors
  • Thank you 2019 exhibitors!
  • Convention snapshots
  • Steve Skenzick recieves Exceptional Achievement Service Award at 2019 EASA Convention in Las Vegas
  • Actions of EASA's Board of Directors meetings in Las Vegas
  • EASA 2019 webinars: Register today at
  • Plan to attend EASA's upcoming seminars
  • EASA welcomes new Active members
  • New member benefit coming in 2020! Free webinars!
  • Associate members first
  • Recent death - Past chairman Jim Smith
  • Chapter/regional meeting dates
  • Tech Tip - Terminology: Pitch and span are not the same thing
  • Safety Tips - Grinding: Don't break the wheel