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Currents - March 2019

Highlights in this issue: 
  • Plan to attend 2019 EASA Convention in Las Vegas
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Accreditation help you successfully 'Navigate the Future'
  • Getting to know fractional-slot concentrated windings (FCSW)
  • Management Pulse: Survey results provide useful member feedback on leadership topic
  • Safety tip: Stationary grinders
  • Tech tip: Important laser alignment kit
  • UL joins list of EASA-sanctioned Accreditation Program auditors
  • April 17 webinar to focus on "How Winding Changes Affect Motor Performance"
  • Five +1 S Series: Strive for "lean service" with a focus on the "straighten" activity
  • "Principles of Medium & Large AC Motors" now available in English and Spanish