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Currents - May 2019

Highlights in this issue: 
  • 2019 Chapter Leadership Forum held in St. Louis: 24 attendees from 16 of EASA's 32 chapters attend training program
  • EASA webinar schedule announced for September through December
  • Message from Chairman Byars: Convention education content empowers you to 'Navigate the Future'
  • Features, benefits of EASA's Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors booklet
  • EASA 2019 Exhibitors
  • June 12 webinar to focus on "Carbon Brushes, Current Density and Performace"
  • Five + 1 Series: Strive for "lean service" with a focus on the "standardize" activity
  • Take a closer look at convention session on industry research
  • Tech Tip: Help with installing winding resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
  • Dawn Misko, longtime EASA employee, passes away