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June 2017

  • EASA's 16-part "Safety Module Program" resources and recorded webinars are still available at
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Continuing focus on "Partners for Progress"
  • Sid Seymour elected new director for Region 8
  • Replacing an engine with an electric motor? Horsepower is horsepower — or is it?
  • EASA 2017 Exhibitors
  • August webinar: "EASA Service Centers & Regulatory Inspections"
  • Tech Tip: Rotor bar pass frequencies
  • Safety Tips: Machine shop
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
Currents - June 2017

May 2017

  • 2017 Chapter Leadership Forum held in St. Louis: Attendees include 33 chapter leaders from the U.S., Canada and U.K.
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Participate in your chapter to be better "Partners for Progress"
  • A low-cost core test setup for small stators
  • EASA 2017 Exhibitors
  • Tech Tips: Paint colors for electric motors
  • Safety Tips: Housekeeping
  • Management Pulse: May survey will focus on employee drug testing
Cover of Currents - May 2017

April 2017

  • Lenwood Ireland to become EASA's 2017-2018 Chairman, Board elects other officers, Executive Committee at mid-year meeting
  • New procedure will provide more value from Management Pulse surveys
  • Chairman Smith's Message: EASA provides variety of resources and tools to help members enhance performance, achieve greater success 
  • ​Updated version of How To Wind Three-Phase Stators training software now available
  • Updates are available for EASA’s Version 4 Rewind Data and AC Motor Verification & Redesign software! 
  • Important information needed to complete data verification & redesign request
  • List of companies exhibiting at the EASA 2017 convention
  • Register for May 17 webinar: “Troubleshooting Pump Performance Problems
  • Getting the most from power factor tip-up testing
  • Tech Tip: Novel method for packing a bearing with grease
  • Safety Tips: Cranes, forklifts

March 2017

  • Plan to attend 2017 EASA Convention in Tampa
  • Chairman Smith: There's "nothing like being there" when it comes to getting the most from the EASA Convention
  • Projects simplified with better understanding of ratios and proportions
  • Consider this aluminum frame motor burnout method
  • 2017 EASA Convention Preview
  • EASA 2017 Exhibitors
  • Tech Tip: When restacking, use coreplate
  • Safety Tips: Remember these general rules

February 2017

  • Chairman Smith: Board works hard to serve as your "Partners for Progress"
  • Methods for three-phase winding data verification
  • EASA Accreditation Program Update
  • Getting the most from your call to EASA Technical Support
  • Tech Tips: Simple tips for important electrical tests
  • Safety Tips: Housekeeping
  • David "Dave" Gebhart, longtime EASA engineer, passes

January 2017

  • Members benefit from industry research
  • Chairman Smith: Strive for greater success in 2017 by taking advantage of EASA's many products and services
  • Auxiliary cooling of electric motors (and other equipment)
  • Looking at a problem with a "root cause" way of thinking
  • EASA's 2017 convention
  • Tech Tip: Unequal grouping sequences for 1-4 vs. 1-7 jumpers
  • Safety Tip: Off-the-job safety

December 2016

  • A small service center’s journey to EASA Accreditation
  • Judi Johnson re-elected director of EASA’s Region 5
  • Surge test levels for form wound stators
  • EASA Industry Awareness Campaign update
  • Complimentary January webinar: “EASA Accreditation Update & Overview”
  • EASA members: Please pay your 2017-2018 dues by February 1
  • Tech Tip: Another use for copper tubing
  • Safety Tips: General Rules
  • New warranty report forms are available

November 2016

  • “Electric Motors: Repair or Replace?” – New EASA PowerPoint presentation will help members in decision-making process
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Become more successful "Partners for Progress" with continued EASA membership
  • Bearing basics: Purpose, design features of common elements
  • EASA Award nominations now being sought
  • "Safety Module Program Webinar Series" to conclude with focus on "DOT, Hazardous Material Shipping"
  • Management Pulse: Survey focuses on value of workplace policies
  • NEMA, CEMEP agree on systems approach for new motor efficiency standards

October 2016

  • What’s new in the updated EASA Technical Manual ?
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Network with other members to become “Partners for Progress”
  • Time-saving features included in updated AC Motor Verification & Redesign program
  • Safety Tips: More on hydraulic and mechanical jacks and pullers
  • Safety webinar series continues  with focus on “Hazardous Waste”
  • Looking back at major winding refurbishment and upgrade
  • Tech Tip: Help with mounting mechanical pump seals
EASA Currents October 2016

September 2016

  • Take advantage of valuable education opportunities offered through remainder of 2016; register today! 
  • Chairman Smith’s Message: Recognizing committee members for their efforts 
  • Examining the causes of high motor current 
  • Share your special achievements through EASA social media 
  • Survey focuses on more aspects of hiring process 
  • Tech Tip: Exact machine speed needed for inspection
  • “Safety Module Program Webinar Series” continues with “Blood-borne Pathogens” 
  • Safety Tips: Hydraulic and mechanical jacks and pullers

August 2016

  • 2016 EASA Convention another successful event
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Convention highlights and training future EASA leaders
  • Operating a three-phase motor using single-phase power
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
  • Safety Tips: Cautions when painting
  • 2016 Convention snapshots
  • List of 2016 exhibitors
  • Tony Sieracki receives Exceptional Achievement Service Award at 2016 EASA Convention in Toronto
  • “Safety Module Program Webinar Series” continues with “Hearing Conservation Program”
  • Actions of EASA's Board of Directors meetings in Toronto

July 2016

  •  2016-2017 officers, Executive Committee installed during Annual Business Meeting in Toronto 
  • “Partners for Progress” selected as theme for new administrative year, 2017 convention 
  • Surge testing and Error Area Ratio (EAR) basics 
  • “Basics” webinar series continues in August with “What Every Repairer Needs to Know About Pump Curves” 
  • How to track amount of VPI resin used 
  • Survey focuses on tools used to vet, interview and hire new employees 
  • International Officers 2016 - 2017 
  • Regional Boundaries
  • Thank You EASA 2016 Exhibitors
  • “Safety Module Program Webinar Series” continues with “Welding, Hot Work, Compressed Gasses” 
  • U.S. Department of Labor changes overtime exemption 
  • Variety of oil leaks and repair options explained 
  • Vibration Analysis for Service Centers manual now available