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February 2013

  • Gather "Strength," knowledge at 2013 EASA convention
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Convention planning starts years in advance
  • Steve Moffett re-elected director of EASA's Region 6
  • Understanding end play and its impact on axial alignment
  • Nancy Kemper replaces retiring Judy Cox
  • Tech Tip: Slot liner insulation
  • Safety Tip: Keep work area clean and orderly
  • We found out there is a friendlier side of OSHA
  • Share your special achievements through EASA social media outlets
  • Convention preview
  • March Webinar: "Enhance Your Market Position Using EASA's Recommended Practices"
  • Considerations for selecting an adjustable speed drive in a constant torque application

January 2013

  • Marketing & Industry Awareness Committee reviews accomplishments, looks to future successes
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Resolve to gain "Strength through Association" in 2013 by taking advantage of EASA's many products and services
  • Converting vibration units not difficult if data is available
  • 2013 EASA Convention preview
  • February Webinars: "Economy 2013: Where From Here?" and "Repair Tips for Submersible Pumps"
  • EASA steps to improve quality at your service center
  • Tech Tip: Redesign to change motor design letter designation
  • Safety Tip: Some simple precautions to take when working on a ladder

December 2012

  • Two new online training sessions focus on profits
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Appreciation for hard-working chapter volunteers; all members benefit from "Strength through Association"
  • Motor nameplate ratings: How precise are they? Correct interpretation of five operating parameters for NEMA.
  • IEC induction motors
  • Tech Tip: Determining if motor is running hot
  • Safety Tip: Fire Prevention
  • 2013 Convention preview
  • January Webinar: "Handling Partial Discharge Issues"
  • Index of Currents articles for 2012
  • 2013 Seminars
  • Board of Directors meeting scheduled

November 2012

  • EASA's Technical Manual goes online
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective
  • Wound rotor motor tips for failure analysis, repair and testing
  • December Webinar: "Motor Lubrication Cautions & Tips"
  • Tech Tip: Help with stuck end bracket
  • Safety Tip: Wear proper clothing
  • "Mechnical Repair Fundamentals of Electric Motors, 2nd Edition" scheduled for January 25-26

October 2012

  • Mike Howell hired as technical support specialist: Newest staff member has extensive experience to meet member needs
  • "AC Motor Verification & Redesign" (Version 3) launched
  • Chairman Gray's Message: EASA adds technical resources for members; committees meet to support goals of new Strategic Plan
  • How to properly test AC stator and wound rotor windings
  • EASA Award nominations
  • November Webinars to focus on shaft alignment, machinery foundations and bases
  • Safety Tip: Welding cautions
  • Tech Tip: Cable sealing
  • Tech Notes 48, 49 available to download

September 2012

  • Online training session covers "Safety/OSHA Compliance"
  • NEMA peititions for new energy-efficiency electric motor standards; EASA represented at DOE public hearing
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Web site keeps members informed, trained and knowledgeable
  • Tips for improving performance of pump packing: Proper installation and maintenance will maximize packing life
  • More snapshots from the 2012 Convention
  • October Webinar: "Taking Three-Phase Winding Data"
  • How to determine the correct center distance for spur gears
  • Tech Tip: Converting Celcius, Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Safety Tips: Use special care when working with ladders
  • EASA Award nominations being accepted

August 2012

  • Positive numbers point to successful convention; Active member firm attendance up by more than 26 percent in Nashville
  • Convention session on economic update available at
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Board busy with actions; approves
  • Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 Identifying rating information of motor without nameplates
  • 2012 Convention snapshots
  • Frank Leonard receives EASA's Exceptional Achievement Service Award at convention
  • Actions of EASA's Board of Directors at meetings in Nashville
  • Tech Tip: Testing submersible pump cable
  • Safety Tip: Be extra cautious in unfamiliar surroundings
  • Three-part Webinar series in September will focus on "AC Motor Redesign"
  • Seminar to focus on "Sale Professional Training Camp"
  • "Fundamentals of Pump Repair" seminar scheduled November 9-10 in Pittsburgh

July 2012

  • Convention in Nashville marks beginning of 2012-2013 terms for officers, Executive Committee; Bill Gray installed as new EASA Chairman at Annual Business Meeting
  • Chairman Gray's Message: "Strength Through Association" selected as theme for 2012-2013 administrative year, convention
  • Improving designs in motors with multiple windings; Concentric or a conventional half-slot lap winding will help
  • Tech Tip: Testing motor vibration
  • Management Solutions: Understanding the new drivers of profitability
  • 2012 Operating Performance Survey reports distributed to participants August
  • Webinar: "Root Cause Failure Analysis Methodology"
  • Safety Tip: Cutting or trimming with a knife Identifying different types of temperature detectors
  • Oldies but goodies: Training videos now available on Web site

June 2012

  • Upcoming Webinars, seminars offer valuable training: Three-part September Webinar series will focus on "AC Motor Redesign"
  • Chairman Toor's Message: Looking back, looking ahead: Keep "Moving Industry Forward"
  • Ronald D. (David) Bailey elected as new director of Region 3
  • Vertical motors: Bearing configurations and oil leaks
  • Safety Tip: Grinder precaution
  • Technical Encore: No-load current basics: Practical guidelines for assessment
  • July Webinar: "The FFT (aka Spectrum): What It is and Ways to Use It"
  • Tech Tip: Keep stator, rotor core clear of salt water

May 2012

  • Watch for convention and exposition mobile "app"
  • Chairman's Toor Message: Growing trade show, attendee registrations reflect improving economy
  • Is failing bearing causing the vibration? Tips and methods to help you come to the correct conclusion
  • Tech Tip: Coil pitch as a clue to speed
  • Safety Tip: Protect eyes when working with grinder
  • EASA membership: Your opportunity to build a "trusted" alliance network
  • Convention session will focus on "social networking" opportunities
  • EASA 2012 Exhibitors
  • June Webinar: "Repair Best Practices to Maintain Efficiency"
  • A Case Study: Repairing two-pole vertical motors: A success story
  • Learn more about the Roving Chief Executive (RCE) program

April 2012

  • Bill Gray to become 2012-2013 EASA chairman
  • Chairman Toor's Message: Members share knowledge in meeting presentation forums
  • Tech Tip: Test run procedure for non-standard frequency motors
  • Identifying the most appropriate shaft repair method
  • Convention Education Preview: EASA members to share experiences in "Great Ideas" sessions
  • Remember to take advantage of EASA's "trading" opportunities
  • EASA 2012 Exhibitors
  • May Webinars to focus on selling to different personality types, bearing analysis and failure modes
  • Practical service center tips to work more efficiently
  • Safety Tip: Use common sense on ladder to avoid a fall
  • "Pump Repair" seminar scheduled May 18-19 in Atlanta
  • Members of the Management Services Committee encourage you to participate in the 2012 EASA Operating Performance Survey

March 2012

  • Make plans to attend EASA's 2012 Convention
  • Chairman Toor's Message: Chapter officer training is our investment in EASA's future leadership
  • Resin curing issues and preventing future problems: Sample tank resin regularly and follow manufacturer's corrective suggestions
  • A Case Study: Pump repair project demonstrates technical capabilities
  • Seminar to focus on "Sales Professional Training Camp"
  • Participate in the confidential 2012 EASA Operating Performance Survey
  • April Webinar: "Advanced DC Testing"
  • Tech Tip: Alternative materials for vertical turbine pump line shaft bearings
  • Dissolved gas analysis for oil filled transformers: An overview of the more common techniques and methods