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July 2010

  • 2010-2011 officers, Executive Committee installed during Annual Business Meeting at EASA Convention: Sandi Howlett becomes first woman Chairman of the Board
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: "Aspire To Leadership" selected as theme for new administrative year, convention
  • A review of major pump vibration standards
  • Management Solutions: Beating the recession: Profit performance in a down year
  • 2010 Operating Performance Survey reports distributed to participants
  • Tech Tip: Simple rule to follow when replacing equipment in multiple pump systems
  • Canadian Standards Association proposes standard on motor testing

June 2010

  • Jim Bryan joins technical support team
  • Update on proposed U.S. federal rebates on NEMA Premium motors; Mandated premium efficiency levels go into effect in December
  • Chairman Griffin: Keep "Meeting the Challenge Together" for future success
  • Cutting out damaged coils from large, low-speed machines: An emergency repair to keep your customer operating with minimal disruption
  • Problem solvers: Our service technicians are also our salesmen
  • Technical encore: Proper use of the core tester
  • Tech Tip: Use VFD to harness energy by matching pump speed to flow rate
  • Michael Tate re-elected Region 10 director
  • EASA AR100-201x "Report on Comments" available for review

May 2010

  • Participate in important, short industry survey: Member input will add value to sessions on industry, opportunities
  • Thoughts (and questions) about whether to bring family into the business
  • Taking winding connection data on alternators: Properly gathering, recording information will pay off in the long run
  • Chairman's message: Upcoming convention highlights; memorable chapter meeting
  • Tech Tip: Pump "specific speed" actually refers to general shape of impeller
  • Focus on Safety: EASA Vo-Tech "Safety" volume is a valuable training resource
  • Steve Moffett elected as new director of EASA's Region 6
  • July Webinar will focus on "Rewinding Tips for Premium-Efficient Motors"

April 2010

  • Sandi Howlett to become 2010-2011 chairman: Other officers, Executive Committee members elected by Board
  • Chairman Griffin: Appreciation for those volunteers who serve EASA
  • Expand your capabilities: Start welding aluminum (Part 2 of 2)
  • Safety drives excellence: To be the best means being the safest
  • Technical Support Spotlight: Member receives help in determining correct flow rate in submersible pump
  • May Webinar will focus on "Pump Cavitation"
  • Member rebuilds after catastrophic fire in service center
  • Tech Tip: A really fast and practical way to remove broken bolts

March 2010

  • Plans shaping up for 2010 convention in Orlando
  • Chapter officers to attend leadership forum
  • Chairman Griffin's Message: Learn, share, grow, succeed with help from other EASA members
  • Expand your capabilities: Start welding aluminum: Tips and techniques on how to become an expert with this material
  • Increased traffic to helps promote awareness
  • The true cost of a company's missed sales opportunities
  • April Webinar will focus on "Repair Best Practices to Maintain Efficiency"
  • "Whitelisting": Make sure you receive e-mail messages from EASA
  • Tech tip: Understanding the 40°C designation on motor nameplates

February 2010

  • Monitor results with powerful benchmarking tool: Operating Performance Survey helps to identify strengths, weaknesses
  • EASA Roving Chief Executive program a value-added benefit
  • Vibration problems with motors installed on vertical pumps: Knowledge of common vibratory forces helps diagnose, correct problems
  • Chairman Griffin: Use EASA tools, resources to prepare for better economic times
  • Preloading roller bearing motors for no-load run testing: Practical tips for running motors with a drive end roller bearing
  • March Webinar will focus on "Unusual Winding Connections & Layouts"
  • Use of durometer pads for vibration motor testing
  • Member receives help with disassembly of vertical turbine pump

January 2010

  • Results analysis delivers data for future success
  • Chairman Griffin's Message: Positive attitude is a powerful concept that makes a big difference
  • "Shaker screen duty" motor repair tips
  • Consider the many advantages of business diversification
  • What are the benefits of conducting an arc flash hazard study
  • Five-year performance analysis provides valuable insights
  • How to determine if there is thermal bowing of rotor

December 2009

  • EASA Web Site, Newsletter Redesigned For January Launch
  • Focus on Safety: Incident With Technician Reinforces The Need For Having A "Culture Of Safety"
  • Taming Those Misbehaving Motors: Troubleshooting Tips For Some Of The Most Common Problems
  • Chairman Griffin: Meeting The "Chapter Volunteer Leader" Challenge; Motor Rebate Legislation
  • Index of Currents Articles For 2009
  • Tech Tip: Base Speed And Torque Of A DC Motor
  • Highlights Of Recent Standards-Making Committee's Activities

November 2009

  • Members Benefit From Industry Awareness Efforts
  • Chairman Griffon: Strategic Plan's Third Objective
  • Focus On Safety: Service Center Hazards
  • Technical Encore: How To Determine Bearing Load Capability And What to Do When It's Excessive
  • Tech Tip: Removing A Tight End Bracket

October 2009

  • Marketing Solutions: Economic Challenges Spark New Division + Successful Ideas For Inside Sales
  • Focus on Safety: Service Center Hazards— Training, Preparation And Best Practices To Avoid Risk, Danger, Accidents (Part 1 of 2)
  • Chairman Griffin: Update On Strategic Plan Objective #2, Energy Legislation And Travels
  • Management Solutions: The Siren Song Of Inventory Reductions
  • Tech Tip: Core Testing With Windings In Stator

September 2009

  • Marketing Solutions: Sales Force Compensation Manual Updated
  • What Is A "Sealless" Centrifugal Pump?
  • Purpose Built Tools for the Service Center
  • Tech Tip: What Is NPSH and How Does It Affect Pump Performance?

August 2009

  • Legislation Pending For U.S. Federal Rebates On Premium Motors; Discussed At Successful EASA Convention
  • When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Still Produce A Profit
  • Working With Large Motor Frames: Special Care In Handling Required To Avoid Damage
  • New Online Training Session Focuses On Wind Generator Repair Tips
  • Chairman Griffin: Board Approves New Strategic Plan; Outlines EASA's Role Regarding Motor Rebate Legislation
  • Actions Of The Association's Board Of Directors
  • Professor David Walters, OBE, Receives EASA's Exceptional Achievement Service Award
  • Management Solutions: 2009 Operating Performance Reports Distributed To Survey Participants
  • EASA Seeks Renewal Of ANSI Standard Status For Repair Recommended Practice