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January 2009

  • EASA Management Tools Shed Light in Cloudy Times
  • Pump Upgrades That Can Generate Profit
  • Tech Tip: Clean Motor Feet Before Returning To Customer
  • "State Of The EASA Industry" Research Includes Many Business Insights
  • Management Solutions: A Closer Look At How EASA Compares To Other Industries
  • Focus On Safety: Learning Valuable Insights From Customer

December 2008

  • EASA Hires Gene Vogel As Pump Specialist
  • Chairmen Miller: Build Business And Friendships Through Networking; Welcome To EASA's Pump Specialist
  • Important Questions To Ask When Your Customer Orders A "12-Lead Motor"
  • Tech Tip: Simple Steps To Protect Machined Shaft Center
  • Member Tools Focus On "State Of The EASA Industry"

November 2008

  • Industry Awareness: More Than Publication Of Articles
  • Chairman Miller: EASA Membership Is A Great Investment In Your Business; Pays Big Returns With Benefits
  • Technical Encore: Variables To Consider When Making Motor Frequency Changes Between 50, 60 Hz
  • Tech Tip: Identifying Bearings From Nameplate Data
  • New Online Training Session Focuses On "Stator & Rotor Design Considerations For Integral Hp Motors"

October 2008

  • 2009-2012 Plan Will Be Based On Active Member Input
  • What You'll Find In Updated EASA Technical Manual
  • Managment Solutions: When Looking For The Most Qualified Service Center "Trainees," Don't Forget About Trade Schools
  • Tech Tip: Using Correct Terms For Turns Versus Wires

September 2008

  • Member Online Training Opportunities Grow
  • Chairman Miller: Check Out "State Of The EASA Industry" Research Materials For Valuable Management Information
  • Equalizer Connections And Taking Winding Data
  • Managment Solutions: Ten Quick Tips To Minimize Sexual Harassment Issues In Your Workplace
  • Tech Tip: Armature And Wound Rotor Balancing

August 2008

  • 2008 EASA Convention A Great Success
  • Chairman Miller: Training And Education Resources Make EASA Your "Gateway To Innovation"
  • Building A Portable Variable Voltage AC And DC Power Supply
  • Actions Of The Association's Board Of Directors
  • Roy Patterson Receives EASA's Exceptional Achievement Service Award
  • Keeping Healthy While Repairing Pumps
  • Tech Tip: Wye or Equalized Delta

July 2008

  • 2008-2009 Officers, Executive Committee Installed During Annual Business Meeting At Convention
  • Technical Encore: What Does It Mean When A Rewound Motor Runs "Hot"?
  • Convention "Select Presentations" Available
  • Benchmarking For Success With 2008 EASA Operating Performance Survey Results
  • Management Solutions: 2008 Operating Performance Reports Distributed To Survey Participants
  • Marketing Solutions: E-mail — An Overlooked Opportunity To Sell

June 2008

  • Kent Henry Joins Technical Support Department
  • Applying The Best of Repair Best Practices: Rewind Study Continues To Pay Off With Important Tips
  • Tech Note 44 Available

May 2008

  • Industry Awareness Campaign Success Continues: Members Benefit From Publication of EASA-Authored Articles
  • Identifying Unmarked Leads of 6-Lead Motor With 1 Or 2 Windings
  • Marketing Solutions: Consider Holding An Open House As A Great Way To Market Your Business

April 2008

  • New Online Training Session Available ("Repair/Replace: What To Do When The Decision Is To Replace")
  • Technical Encore: Follow These Procedures To Reduce Problems When Rewinding Field Coils

March 2008

  • U.S. Mandates New Minimum Motor Efficiency Levels: New Law Goes Into Effect In December 2010
  • Kevin Miller To Become 2008-2009 Chairman; Other Officers, Executive Committee Members Are Elected
  • Rebarring Fabricated Copper Squirrel Cage Rotors

February 2008

  • Base Support And Alignment: How Understanding Construction Of The Frame Can Help Minimize Motor Vibration
  • Value-Added Training Resources Benefit EASA Members