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Preparing for Your Customer’s Objections

Course length: 
Two hours
Sales, Marketing & Management
Course description

Are you prepared for the questions and objections raised by your customers or prospects?  Probably not.  This session will focus on the five common types of customer objections which salespeople should be prepared to address.  When expressed by the customer, how should the salesperson proceed?  The session offers a simple model and practical ideas to understand and respond to each type of objection.  Finally, participants will review a new perspective on the topic itself – objection handling vs. objection prevention.

Estimated duration: 2 hours

NOTE: This course must be scheduled with another 2-hour or longer course for a minimum training time of at least one half-day.

Instructor(s) available to teach the course: 
Jerry Peerbolte, J. Peerbolte & Associates
Chapter/Region fee (+expenses): 
$1250 plus $15/student for handout
Member company fee (+expenses): 
$1750 plus $15/student for handout
Nonmember fee (+expenses): 
Not available to nonmembers
Maximum number of students: 
No maximum
(Additional fees may apply if travel time exceeds 5 hours. Contact EASA for details.)
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