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Vertical Turbine Pump Shaft Journal Bearing Material, Types and Clearances

The rules of thumb often applied to journal bearings in horizontal machines don’t apply to vertical machines. Vertical turbine pumps are a common example. This webinar will explain the characteristics of bearing in these pumps and provide examples of manufacturers specifications. In addition, specialty bearing materials will be discussed in regard to applications, specifications and installation.

Who should attend

This webinar will be most useful for service center technicians and engineers. The content will be beneficial for supervisors and managers who are responsible for pump failure analysis and testing.

Topic(s): Bearings, Pumps, Repair tips/procedures

Vibration of Belt Driven Machines

This one-hour webinar will examine:

  • Identifying belt vibration
  • Identifying pulley pitch line run-out vibration
  • Other vibration sources
  • ODS analysis

Topic(s): Alignment, Mechanical, Vibration

Vibration Problems With Motors Installed on Vertical Pumps

When motors are installed on top of vertical pumps, high vibration is a common problem. The problem may be mechanical, hydraulic or structural. This webinar will provide an understanding of the nature of this style pump and the various forces essential to diagnosing and correcting vibration problems on vertical pump motors.

Topic(s): Pumps, Vibration

Winding & Bearing Temperature Sensing Devices

This webinar session will address the topic of a various temperature sensing devices including RTD’s, thermostats, thermocouples and thermistors. The advantages of each and the proper application will be covered.

Who should attend
This seminar will be most useful for service center sales personnel, engineers, supervisors and managers. The content will be beneficial for moderate through highly experienced persons.
Topic(s): AC, Bearings