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Minimizing Risk with High-Voltage Rewinds

This webinar will present a product quality planning process for industrial motor stator windings rated above 4 kV. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing gaps between these projects and lower voltage rewinds as they relate to:

  • stator winding design
  • insulation system validation
  • process control
Who should attend

This seminar will be most useful for service center winders, engineers, supervisors and managers. The content will be beneficial for beginners through highly experienced persons.

Topic(s): AC, Repair tips/procedures, Theory & design

Motor Lubrication Cautions & Tips

Lubrication is a vital part of any machine that moves. Understanding the mechanism that grease and oil use to provide that lubrication is important so that the maximum life of the equipment can be achieved. This session will discuss ways to get the most benefit from the lubricant by choosing the proper oil or grease and properly maintaining the equipment. Critical to this process are compatibility, relubrication quantity and frequency, and avoiding contamination.

Who should attend

The webinar will be most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers, and engineers desiring to specify the proper lubricant and help motor users understand proper relubrication for the best effect.

Topic(s): Bearings, Lubrication

Practical Problem Solving for the Entire Service Center

A3 is a report format developed by Toyota for a simple, yet methodical approach to document improvement. Whether you're dealing with problems related to sales, purchasing, repair or testing, if all team members can learn to speak the same, simple problem solving language, they tackle problems efficiently and effectively. The activities are documented in a report to management on one sheet of paper - no more, no less.

Who should attend
Executives, managers, team leaders and front line supervisors from the office and shop floor who want to understand and implement such a program.
Topic(s): Repair tips/procedures

Proper Motor Cleaning: Avoiding Damage to the Motor and the Environment

This session examines features, benefits and drawbacks of both conventional and alternative methods of cleaning electric motors. Methods covered include:

  • immersion tanks
  • steam cleaning
  • parts-washing machines
  • pressure washers
  • abrasives 
  • ultrasonic devices

Environmental options for handling waste by-products are also addressed. If you are considering changing your cleaning methods, this webinar is for you.

Topic(s): AC, DC, Pumps

Pump Cavitation

Cavitation is one of the most damaging forces to centrifugal pumps. Understanding the causes, symptoms and solutions for cavitation is essential to service technicians and engineers. This webinar will "bring you up to speed" on cavitation in centrifugal pumps.

Topic(s): Pumps