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Pumps Seals—Advanced

This webinar will focus on:

  • A review seal basics
  • Seal materials for primary and secondary seals
  • How to determine spring tension values
  • How to calculate PV values
  • Seal flush plans

Topic(s): Pumps

Quick Pump Curves: How to Read Them

This webinar will take the mystery out of pump curves and provide attendees with the necessary knowledge to determine pump operating points, efficiency and horsepower. The elusive parameters that determine if a pump is likely to cavitate will also be discussed.

Who should attend

This webinar is intended for application engineers, sales personnel, managers and interested pump technicians and supervisors.

Topic(s): Pumps

Reclosure: How It Happens and What To Do About It

Reclosure occurs when power to a motor is briefly interrupted and restored before the magnetic field has fully collapsed in the motor’s winding. If this occurs while the applied power is out of phase with the collapsing field, significant damage can result. This session will address how this can happen and what measures can mitigate damage potential. It will include:

  • Reclosing a switch or breaker before the magnetic field collapses
  • Utilities’ automatic reclosure
  • Contactor “chatter”
  • Determining the time constraint
  • Remedies: Time delay; Zero crossing


Repair Best Practices to Maintain Efficiency

There are certain repair processes, such as winding removal and replacement, that can impact the efficiency and reliability of electric motors. Prudent repair practices must not increase overall losses, and preferably should maintain or reduce them. This session will explain how those repair processes affect efficiency and reliability; and presents the best repair practices in order to maintain or improve efficiency.

Topic(s): AC, DC, Repair tips/procedures

Repair Tips for Submersible Pumps

This webinar focuses on submersible pumps:

  • Types of submersible pumps
  • Tips on seal arrangements
  • Common repair procedures
  • Cables and cable entries
  • Testing submersibles in the service center

Topic(s): Pumps