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Redesign span on 2-pole motor low?

I was using EASA's "AC Motor Verification and Redesign" program to figure windings for a motor. It is a Worldwide model:WWE200-36-445/7TS, 200 Horsepower, 2-Pole, 48 slot motor. Factory windings were concentric and had spans of 1-18,1-20,1-22,1-24,1-18,1-20,1-22,1-24 with a 1-Delta connection and 22 wires in hand. I wanted to cut my wires in hand down so I ran it for a 2-Delta and it gave me a span of 1-16 for lap windings. My question is about the span, 1-16 seems to low for a 2-pole 48 slot motor. I expected it to be closer to 22 or so. Even a 1-Delta says 1-16. It has given me options for similar lower spans on 2-pole motors before but I always went with high spans just under half the slots or close. Can a 2-pole be wound successfully with a span closer to 1/3 the number of slots? And does it being 200 horsepower make it different from a smaller motor concerning the span? Thanks
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