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EASA Dues for Active Members
Number of employees 1 - 10 11 - 25 26 - 50 51 - 75 76 - 100 101 or more
Annual Dues (U.S. dollars)
If applying between Jan. 1 - June 30
$740 $1,179 $1,680 $2,170 $2,380 $2,649
Annual Dues (U.S. dollars)
If applying between July 1 - Dec. 31
$370 $589 $840 $1,085 $1190 $1,324.50
Entrance fee: $75 (The full $75 entrance fee is assessed for each applicant regardless of the date of application.)
International Shipping/Handling: $89
Companies applying for Active Membership will be charged an additional $89 (U.S. Funds). This covers the shipping and handling of the EASA New Member Packet to countries outside of the United States and Canada. EASA does not pay customs and duties.

Chapter membership is required for Active Members and requires, in most cases, an additional annual dues fee. (View a summary of dues being charged by EASA Chapters.) It is strongly recommended that you belong to your local chapter to derive the maximum benefit for your company. You may, however, belong to any chapter in addition to or in place of your local chapter. EASA’s chapters foster increased cooperation and fellowship by affording members opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and solutions to common problems. EASA’s chapters also keep members informed of industry trends through conferences, exhibitions and business meetings. (View a map of EASA Chapters.) After submission of your application, EASA's Customer Service staff will contact you regarding chapter membership and any fees related to Chapter membership.

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