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Do I qualify to be an "Active" member?

Bylaw Article III, Section 1(a)

1. ACTIVE MEMBERS of this Association shall be firms engaged in the business of servicing electrical, electronic or mechanical apparatus. Members must meet the following qualifications: 

A. Have been in business at least one year, except a newly established or acquired location of an Active member firm is eligible for Active membership regardless of its length of time in business as long as it meets the membership requirements; 

B. Have at least two full-time employees; 

C. Have been approved for membership;

D. Agree to be bound by and comply with the provisions of the Bylaws and Governing Policies of the Association.

2. Where an Active Member is a part of a business organization which has more than one such location, each facility is eligible to apply for its own membership in the Association and the benefits of membership shall not be made available to, nor be used by, any such separate facility which does not hold its own membership in the Association.

I qualify
I do not qualify