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Pump repair project demonstrates technical capabilities

Publication date: 
March 2012
Bret McCormick, Stewart's Electric Motor Works, Inc.
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The following is an example of how Stewart's Electric Motor Works was able to provide valuable new service to an existing customer. I hope you can benefit from this case study. One of our municipal customers was experiencing diminished flow rates and severe leaking from an ITT 600 hp, 1200 rpm split case pump. The pump was brought to our facility for evaluation. We found its overall condition to be in serious disrepair. The rust and scale from years of service had built up around the packing; the inside of the pump had rust blooms through-out. The shaft sleeves were worn out and the sealing glands were bent. One of the bearing journals was worn and the other had broken. We also found that the impeller had many holes from wear, electrolysis and cavitation. While researching our customer's options, we found that to replace the pump with a new model, the price would have been well above $250,000 (U.S.). We advised the customer that the best, most cost-effective option would be to repair the old pump using new components, materials and features that would make it better than new at a more reasonable cost. And, we could do it for significantly less than the cost of buying the new one. We received the go-ahead to make the repairs.

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