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Problem solvers: Our service technicians are also our salesmen

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June 2010
James Smith, Advanced Electric Service, Inc.
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I believe most EASAns would agree that the competitive advantage we have over others is our technical expertise. It's what separates us from some of the big power transmission (P.T.) houses and Internet sales companies. I know I'm the greatest service to my customers when they let me use my experience to solve their specific problems.

I used to have a hard time deciding on how to dress for sales calls. Twenty-five years ago, business casual really didn't exist. My choices were either a suit and tie or my uniform. I found out then and continue to believe today that I'm most effective as an outside salesman when I dress as a technician. If I were to dress in something too "formal,"  my customers wouldn't let me go to the places where I can help them the most (places that are good and dirty).