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Develop a strategy to market your pump repair strengths

Publication date: 
March 2011
Jerry Gray, Sloan Electromechanical Service & Sales
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Performing pump repair is a natural extension of the motor service center. Generally speaking, motor service center technicians have the skills necessary to provide pump repair. And when they're EASA members, they have so much more to offer!

The challenge, though, is developing a winning strategy by proving to the customer that his or her services are superior to those of others.

One of the best strategies to successfully market pump repair services is to highlight the "single repair source"  message. For instance, "When our company is repairing the motor, we can also repair the pump. In addition, we can check the motor controls and go to your (customer) site to handle the installation and startup." 

Of course this means that you must have the resources to "walk the talk."  While marketing can open the door, and a sales relationship can bring home the business, the service center technicians must perform to the expectations that have been set.