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Overcoming the pressures that lead to business as usual

Publication date: 
April 2011
Al Bates, Ph.D
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Most firms have put the bleeding of the recession behind them. While proftability is still not back to desirable levels, things are clearly improving. The operative phrase in most instances is "cautiously optimistic."

If sales, margin and expenses follow the pattern of previous recessions, most firms will be okay by the end of the year. The typical EASA member will be far removed from the massive challenges of the past two years. On the other hand, they may be equally far removed from optimal proftability. The challenge is that in the euphoria of getting back to good, many firms will miss the opportunity to make it all the way to great.

Based upon that challenge, this report will examine two issues that are important add-ons to financial planning for 2011:

  • Business as Usual - A projection of financial performance in the industry based upon a combination of past results and current trends.
  • Making the Future Better - An examination of how the key factors that influence profitability can be leveraged for improved results.