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2018 Convention sponsorship opportunities

Would you like to increase your company's exposure at the EASA Convention?

Do you want to make your company stand out above the crowd?

Consider becoming a sponsor!

All sponsors will be recognized in the official program, mobile app, Currents newsletter and on EASA's website
(Commit by January 18, 2018 and you will also receive recognition in the convention brochure)


Sponsorship information

Download a PDF version of EASA's sponsorship opportunities 

Kickoff Keynote Speaker

EASA will recognize sponsor from the podium and feature sponsor’s logo on the screen during the event. 


Sunday Family Fun Night

One of the highlights of the convention. As sponsor of this event EASA will recognize you during the dinner and feature your logo on the screen. A special activity for the kids will also be provided.

Tuesday Lunch Keynote Speaker

EASA will recognize sponsor from the podium and feature sponsor’s logo on the screen during the event. 

Tuesday Closing Reception

The final event of the convention, and a celebration for the incoming Chairman, the Closing Reception is a chance to unwind after a long week of exhibits, education and networking.


  1. Souvenir Glass with Logo - $2,500
  2. Photo Booth - $1,000
Central "Park" Lounge

The lounge will provide a place for attendees to rest their feet and recharge their phones or other portable devices. Comfortable seating will be provided as well as phone charging stations (which will be branded with the sponsor’s logo) and Upper Body Massage Chair (available Sunday and Monday). Sponsor can distribute tickets from their booth to drive additional traffic. Sponsor’s logo will also appear on the signage hanging above the lounge. 

Session Coffee Break(s)

Beverage breaks are available Sunday and Monday morning. Sponsor will have signage in the break area and logo will be on cups and napkins. 

$10,000 per day

Mobile App

EASA will recognize the sponsor and feature sponsor’s logo on the app's splash screen. 


Hotel Room Keys

Your designated advertisement on the front of the hotel room keys. 

The EASA Snack Bar - brought to you by ...

Located in the exhibit hall, this is THE place to gather, exchange ideas, and find a little nourishment. On Monday, EASA will provide lunch vouchers to all full business registrants. The Snack Bar will carry the sponsor’s brand through customized napkins and cups, as well as signage.

Additional enhancement: Custom Water Bottles - (2,000 per day) $5,000/day


Badge Holder / Neck Wallet

Sponsor’s logo will appear on the front of the badge holder. 

Convention Registration Bag

The bag will be given to all attendees (excluding exhibitors). Sponsor's logo will appear on the front of the bag and EASA convention logo will be on the back of the bag. 

Official Program

Sponsor will receive the back inside cover for advertisement and will be recognized on EASA’s website. The official program is the attendee’s guide to the convention. 


Pocket Program

Sponsor will receive the back page for advertisement. The pocket program is an abbreviated schedule that is given to all attendees.


Select Presentations

Sponsor’s logo will appear on the face of the USB flash drive, as well as a link to sponsor’s website on the flash drive. 

Hydration Stations

Water coolers will be located in the registration area and on the exhibit floor. Water tower will be wrapped with sponsor logo or any other approved graphics (could include booth number). Will also provide cups with spnosr's logo. 

Entire Convention - $10,000