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Application for the Roving Chief Executives program

Here's your opportunity to share management ideas and solve difficult problems with a select group of non-competing fellow EASAns.

The purpose of this program is "To bring together non-competing EASA owners/managers with similar problems for the exchange of information."

Participants in the Roving Chief Executive (RCE) Program usually meet twice each year with their assigned group of EASA owner/managers. Participants share experiences and help one another solve business problems common to all of them. The meetings rotate among the members' locations, so that everyone has the opportunity to see the operation of other companies firsthand.


Firsthand accounts of the beneifts of participating in an RCE group can be found in the March (Page 1) and the April (Page 6) 2015 issues of Currents as well as February 2010 (Page 2).

For more information, contact:

Randy Joslin
EASA Communications Manager

To apply, fill out and submit the form below.