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A look at State of the EASA Industry research from a small-sized business perspective

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May 2009
James Smith, Advanced Electric Equipment Service, Inc.
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On my trip home following the Marketing and Industry Awareness Committee meeting last September, I began writing the frst draft of this article. I had spent a few hours reviewing the "State of the EASA Industry"  research update and had listened to the thoughts and insights of other EASAns who attended the meeting.

In retrospect, I realize I had done something that many EASAns from small service centers rarely have the luxury of doing. I took a block of time, without distractions, and thought about my business and its future direction.

The article I wrote in September is not quite the one you'll see here. We're all dealing with a drastically different economic reality today.

As business owners and managers, the daily, sometimes hourly, emergencies get our focus and attention first. That's the nature of a service industry. It's so easy to keep doing what we've been doing. Thus, we don't have time to think about the kind of changes we want or need to make in our business. Change is going to happen whether we want it to or not. However, we may as well take some control of its direction. The greatest benefit I gained from the research report is several clues of what will work specifically for my company.

Like many members, I'm in a small market. The research report has information about industries and customer types that I'll never have. The industries I serve are few and getting fewer all the time. I've been at far too many auctions of my former customers. My remaining customers that grew in the past good economic times have certainly scaled back during the current economic downturn. For the information in the report to be useful to my company, I needed to apply it to my particular and unique business.