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Remember to document final test, repair results as part of quality control

Publication date: 
September 1999
Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
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Ever rebuilt a motor, only to have the customer call and complain that the motor isn't right? Maybe it vibrates or draws too many amps, or it never used to run this hot. The response is usually a costly trip for a salesman and service technician to check it out. When a problem exists, it may be in the motor or the installation. It may even turn out that the problem caused the initial failure. High current could be the result of a voltage supply problem; vibration may be due to misalignment. Documentation makes a big difference in how a situation like this is handled. The service center with good quality control and solid documentation has a decided advantage. If the test voltage and current were recorded when the motor was final-tested, and vibration readings checked and recorded, it is much easier to pinpoint the problem and help correct it. The whole episode can serve to reinforce the value of dealing with your service center.

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