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September survey will focus on safety analysis and work instructions

Publication date: 
September 2018
Tom Barnes, Compliance Specialists, Inc.
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At the last Management Services Committee meeting, there was a discussion regarding whether there is a need for EASA to develop and provide members with Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Work Instruction (WI) templates for some of the most commonly used equipment in service centers. Therefore, the committee would like to ask members in an upcoming Management Pulse survey whether this would be a useful tool. First, though, let's cover a little background on the JSA and WI concepts.

Job Safety Analysis is a procedure that helps companies identify potential hazards and recommend the safest way to do the job. It is also commonly called Job Hazard Analysis, Process Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment. 

Upon completion of this analysis, specific Work Instruction procedures can be developed for conducting tasks at hand. Having good work instructions assists any organization in employee training, enforcement and provides some level of legal protection should an employee not follow these instructions.  

If you’re interested in customizable Job Safety Analysis and Work Instruction templates, we look forward to your feedback.   l

September Management Pulse Survey questions

Around the middle of the month, the primary contact of each member company will receive an email with the following Management Pulse survey questions.

  1. How many employees do you have?
  2. Are you familiar with Job Safety Analysis?
  3. Does your company maintain work instructions for processes and/or the use of equipment?
  4. Does your company perform and document Job Safety Analysis prior to performing tasks, whether they are unique or not?
  5. Would customizable Job Safety Analysis templates be helpful?
  6. Would customizable Work Instruction templates be helpful?