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Strive for “lean service” with a focus on the “sort” activity

Publication date: 
February 2019
Paul Idziak, Shermco Industries, Inc.
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Last fall, the Management Services Committee discussed findings from the most recent Member Needs Assessment Survey. “Lean service” was the number one area where members want EASA to focus its management education resources over the next three years.

For those who may not be familiar with this concept, lean service is an approach to eliminating waste and disorganization with a goal of improving efficiency and productivity. 
To meet this desire for additional resources on lean service, the committee agreed to develop and publish a series of Currents articles on the “5S” program (which you may have heard about), and modifying it to add safety. The traditional “5S” program covers these goals:  sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain. We’ve added safety to make it the “5+1 S Series.”

Members of the committee will write articles on how each “S” can help you with a path to productivity by becoming more efficient, or lean. I volunteered to write the first article, focusing on the first S:  Sort.

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