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Internal Connection Diagrams for Three-Phase Electric Motors

Publication date: 
August 2006
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EASA members can download for free the latest version of Internal Connection Diagrams (©2001-2006).

This resource provides internal connection diagrams for three-phase windings. It can be used with either concentric or lap windings. It also covers all possible parallels; wye and delta, 2 - 48 poles; part windings; two-speed windings; wye-delta and consequent-pole connections, 2 - 48 poles. It includes PAM connections, as well as triple- and quadruple-rated connections.

The book also includes templates for 2-pole through 30-pole, adjacent (1-4 jumpers) and skip pole (1-7) connections.

Printed and CD-ROM versions of this book are available for purchase in the online store.

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