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EASA AR200: Guide For The Repair Of Power And Distribution Transformers

Publication date: 
October 2011
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The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines for each step of the repair of power transformers. This document describes record keeping, tests,analysis, and general guidelines for the repair of power transformers. It is not intended to replace the manufacturer’s or the customer’s instructions or specifications. Transformers covered by this document are liquid-filled distribution or power transformers up to 10 MVA and 69 kV, and dry-type distribution and power transformers up to 5 MVA and 25 kV.

Some of the topics addressed include:

  • Condition assessment
  • Failure investigation
  • Inuslation tests
  • Rewinding of both dry and liquid-filled units
  • Assessing suitability for service

Entire sections are devoted to winding considerations, repair of dry type transformers, and repair of luqid-filled transformers. An appendix addresses electrical testing safety considerations.

Repair procedures and tips