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IECEx - Explosive Atmospheres

Publication date: 
May 2004
International Electrotechnical Commission
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The IECEx is a global certification scheme based on standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission. It caters for differing countries whose national standards are either identical to those of the IEC or else very close to IEC standards.

The IECEx is truly global in concept and practice,reduces trade barriers caused by different conformity assessment criteria in various countries, and helps industry to open up new markets. The goal is to help manufacturers reduce costs and time while developing and maintaining uniform product evaluation to protect users against products that are not in line with the required level of safety.

As many countries have their own national standards and certification schemes, the movement of Ex equipment between countries is often impeded by the need to re-certify or re-test regardless of previous assessments, which adds to the final cost.Time is wasted by mostly formal, not technical approval procedures, which delays final market access. The aim of the IECEx is to ease international trade of Ex equipment by eliminating the need for duplication of testing and certification. It is a voluntary scheme that provides an internationally accepted means of proving that products have been:

  • independently tested; and
  • produced under strict quality controls audited and under surveillance by an independent IECEx Certification Body.

All this to ensure product compliance with IEC standards.