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Job Descriptions for EASA Service Centers

Publication date: 
May 2015
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Written job descriptions can be tremendously helpful in making your operations run more smoothly, especially since employees are usually more productive when they know exactly what is expected of them. EASA’s publication, Job Descriptions For EASA Service Centers, provides a starting point for members who wish to write or revise job descriptions for their individual repair centers.

Job descriptions for service center personnel:

  • Service center manager
  • Rewind department supervisor
  • Rewind department assistant supervisor
  • Motor rewind technician
  • Motor rewind helper
  • Mechanical department supervisor
  • Motor mechanic assistant supervisor
  • Motor mechanic
  • Machine department supervisor
  • Industrial electronics manager
  • Industrial electronics technician

Job descriptions for office/sales personnel

  • Accounting supervisor/Full-charge bookkeeper
  • General accounting clerk/General bookkeeper
  • Cost accounting clerk
  • Information technology (IT) manager
  • Systems operator/Data entry clerk
  • Estimator/Customer service
  • Purchasing agent
  • Receptionist
  • Truck driver
  • Sales manager
  • Inside sales representative
  • Outside sales representative