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Waste Minimization Program

Publication date: 
January 2017
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Previously available for purchase only, the 20-page EASA Waste Minimization Program booklet is now available as a FREE download for EASA Members.

In many areas, government officials are trying to minimize the creation of waste rather than just trying to find ways of getting rid of it. With this in mind — and because eliminating waste makes good business sense — EASA developed the Waste Minimization Program. This booklet outlines the reasons to minimize waste and the steps you can take to implement a waste minimization program, including making a waste minimization assessment of your workplace.

Subjects covered in the 20-page booklet include:

  • Waste minimization incentives
  • Elements of a successful waste minimization program
  • Waste minimization assessment
  • Legal requirements of waste minimization
  • Typical wastes associated with the repair of electric motors
  • Waste minimization source reduction compliance checklist