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Select Presentations 2015

Publication date: 
July 2015
Type of media: 
Convention presentation
Presented at: 
2015 EASA Convention - San Antonio, TX


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If you weren't able attend the 2015 EASA Convention, you can still benefit from all the great the education.

Besides convention papers and handouts, the 2015 “Select Presentations” on USB flash drive includes audio recordings of most sessions with synchronized slide presentations. Copies of the session handouts are included, and some session also provide additional technical papers.

Papers and/or slide presentations included are:

Technical Presentations

  • Connections for Winding & Starting* – Jim Bryan
  • Pump Reliability Issues – Gene Vogel
  • Implementing the EASA Accreditation Program* – Tom Bishop, P.E.
  • Minimizing Calibration Costs for Measuring and Test Equipment* – Mike Howell
  • Shaft Alignment: Rock ‘N’ Roll Machinery Style* – Gene Vogel
  • The Effect of Structural Support Conditions on the Vibration Characteristics of Machinery* – Robert Sayer
  • The Effects of Voltage and Frequency Variations on Motor Performance* – Austin Bonnett
  • Time- & Money-Saving Devices for the Service Center* – Chuck Yung

Management Presentations

  • Industrial Economy 2015 to 2017: Regional & Global – Brian Beaulieu
  • Safety Regulations Update & EASA Helps Build Your Safety Program – Tom Barnes
  • Avoiding Problems When Hiring and Firing – David Schein
  • EASA Service Center Accreditation Program Update – Art Anderson
  • European & World Trends, Techniques and More – Mathis Menzel, David Griffin, Johan De Coster and Frederic Beghain
  • Handling Common Employment Policies Correctly – David Schein
  • Are We Still Friends? Key Insights in the Global Motor Manufacturer’s View of EASA Members – Jerry Peerbolte

Sales/Marketing Presentations

  • Book Camp: Social Media for Industrial Business – Eddie Bluff and Brian Bluff
  • Technology to Generate Leads and Increase Sales – Eddie Bluff and Brian Bluff
  • Are You Managing a ‘Selling SWAT Team’ or Independent Gunfighters? – Jim Pancero
  • How to Survive – and Master – a Sales Call – Jim Pancero

* Includes additional paper

Members: $119
Non-members: $357
Note: Select Presentations is one of many benefits of registering for EASA Conventions. A copy is distributed FREE to all Full Business, Education & Exhibits, and Weekend Package registrants.

System requirements
Adobe Reader 9 or later, USB port, web browser and audio output for recording playback.