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Select Presentations 2017

Publication date: 
July 2017
Type of media: 
Convention presentation

EASA 2017 Select Presentations preview

Besides convention papers and handouts, the 2017 Select Presentations USB flash drive includes audio recordings of most sessions with synchronized slide presentations where applicable.

Sessions included on the USB drive are:

Technical Presentations

  • Using Variable-Speed Drives to Improve Pump System Efficiency* – Gene Vogel
  • AC Motor Basics – Mike Howell
  • Pump Mechanical Seals* – Gene Vogel
  • Isolation Test Bed Design and Construction* – Gene Vogel
  • Little Things That Make a Big Difference in a Service Center* – Chuck Yung
  • Requirements to Service Hazardous Location Motors* – Jim Bryan
  • Emerging Technologies in the Motor Industry* – Tom Bishop, P.E.
  • Is It the Drive or the Motor?* – Craig Hartman
  • How and Why to Avoid Using Counterfeit Bearings* – Antun Peakovic
  • Induction Motor Rotor Windings* – Mike Howell
  • Field Service Work, Techniques and Cautions* – Chuck Yung
  • Basic Drive Parameters and How They Affect the Motor/Drive Combination* – Craig Hartman

Management Presentations

  • Employee Benefits Options: Be Creative – Tonya Thompson
  • European Trends, Repair Industry Development – Frederic Beghain, Johan De Coster, David Griffin, Mathis Menzel
  • Why Management Has to be Different in Today’s Times – Tonya Thompson
  • The Industrial Internet of Things – What Does It Mean to You? – Chris Wiseman
  • Regulatory Changes and Top Safety Issues – Tom Barnes
  • Industry Research: EASA Service Center Trends and Future – Michael Marks and Jerry Peerbolte
  • Economic Trends 2017 and Beyond – Brian Beaulieu

Sales/Marketing Presentations

  • Sell First; Negotiate Second – Mark Hunter
  • High-Profit Prospecting: Breakthrough Results Require Break.through Strategies (Parts 1 & 2) – Mark Hunter
  • Sales Compensation Strategies – Michael Marks
  • What is the Right Sales Force Structure for Your Company? – Michael Marks

Includes technical paper

The USB Flash Drive has been mailed free of charge to Full Business registrants who attended the 2017 EASA Convention in Tampa.

Sponsored by AEGIS, dba Electro Static Technology-An ITW Co.